New Updates in the TMS

6/28/2021New System Feature – HTML Editor: This update allows rich text editing with an editing ribbon at the top of each text field in the system. Users can now use bolded and italicized text, bulleted and numbered lists, and hyperlinks, all intended to provide additional clarity, emphasis, and formatting consistency. This has been added across Position Management, Applicant Tracking System, and Performance Management.
9/27/2019PeopleAdmin will be releasing a software update tonight, Friday, September 27, with no expected system downtime. Please note that this update will affect the module selector names which will be re-branded to reflect PeopleAdmin’s new terminology. The ‘Hire’ module will now be called ‘Applicant Tracking System’ and ‘Positions’ will now be called ‘Position Management’.
7/11/2019Three new updates have been made to the Talent Management System.

First, we have added an option for EO Coordinators to leave a comment on an applicant’s history tab in the TMS. Comment boxes already existed for EOCs when returning an applicant back to a previous workflow state, but when approving a request there was no ability for the EO Coordinator to add a comment or note. Here is a screenshot of what the section will look like on the history tab:

Second, OEO has added new help text for the Alternative Appointment Request tab in the TMS. Please know the following questions are meant to help units by clarifying what OEO is seeking when an AAR is submitted. All questions may not be applicable to every situation. These are the questions we typically ask when reviewing an AAR.

  • Why is it necessary to hire this individual through an AAR (as opposed to a standard or limited search)?

  • Would anyone else be interested in this position? If not, how was this determined?

  • Was a vetting process used to identify this individual?

  • If there is urgency, what are the specific deadlines or benchmarks that are at risk?

  • Is the individual named on a contract or grant funds or a member of a research group of newly hired faculty?

  • What has been the outcome of past searches for this position in this unit?

  • Please know that OEO does not approve Alternative Appointment Requests to hire non-student hourly employees for an AP position.

Lastly, please know that based on feedback provided during the update meetings we will be moving forward with removing search committee member access to finalized searches, beginning in July. Recall that EOC, Applicant Manager, and Hiring Authority roles will still have access to search materials in the TMS after a search has been finalized.
1/29/2019Two new features have been added to the TMS.

The first update to the TMS is the implementation of a ‘Job Alerts’ notification. This new feature will allow job seekers to subscribe to a daily system email containing a list of jobs that have been posted to the CSU Jobs website. The email notification will only contain jobs that fall into one of the pre-selected job interest categories identified by the job seeker. If no jobs are posted in the selected categories on a particular day, the individual will not receive a Job Alert email that day. The system does not require individuals to create an applicant account in order to access this feature. An individual must first ‘opt in’ to subscribe to the daily emails. All daily emails will contain an ‘Unsubscribe’ button, making it easy to opt out of this feature at any time.

The assignment of ‘categories’ for a specific job posting will be completed by the Initiator and the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) on the ‘New Posting Settings’ page. Multiple options may be selected.

The second update to the system is the implementation of a new ‘Internal Job Board’ feature. The internal job board will allow CSU employees to view and apply to internal searches where an applicant must be a current CSU employee.
For access to the Internal Job Board, employees will need to go to and click on the ‘Current employees select this link to log in’ link, shown below, which will direct the employee to the page where they will need to select ‘CSU User Login’.

After logging in, the employee will be redirected back to the CSU Jobs website where they will have access to the internal job board. In order to search only internal jobs, the user will need to select the ‘Search Internal Jobs’ menu item shown below.

OEO will be able to add or remove jobs from this internal job board at any time.
12/3/2018A new ‘Position Location’ field has been added to all Faculty and Administrative Professional job postings. This field allows external jobs boards like indeed to accurately reflect the location of a position. Please note that this is a required field but ‘Fort Collins, CO’ will be auto-populated for all current and future job postings. Should it be needed, OEO will update any posted job announcement with the correct location of your position. For future postings, please be sure to utilize this field should your position reside outside of Fort Collins.
6/21/2018NOTE: The updated landing page has been delayed by PeopleAdmin. The new TENTATIVE release date is July 17. Please email OEO if you have any questions.
6/19/2018On June 26, 2018, the Talent Management System (TMS) will receive a new look. This change will occur due to the merger of our vendor, PeopleAdmin, with another technology firm, PowerSchool. Please note the functionality of the TMS will not change.

What this means:

* The navigation between modules will change from a drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the page, to a drop-down menu in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

* The modules will be renamed; “Position Management” will now be called “Positions” and “Applicant Tracking” will now be called “Hire.”

New TMS Landing Page

New Module Selection Area

Please note that the top menu navigation and colors for each module will remain the same. To access postings, position descriptions, or hiring proposals, navigate to the correct module and select the desired option from the drop-down menu.

Position module main menu navigation

Hire module main menu navigation

The benefits of the new landing page:

* The upgraded landing/home page will update the inbox feature with more user-friendly options. You can now access items waiting on your approval without having to first change your user group.

* You will be able to filter and sort the inbox and utilize new persona-based widgets to answer questions like, “How many postings were filled in the last 30 days?” or “How many applicants did I receive each day over the past 7 days?” These questions will differ based on your role in the TMS.

* You can now quickly navigate to a posting using the Inbox. You can use the ‘Search’ field (1) on the landing page to enter the working title or the posting number. If you work across multiple departments, you can use the ‘Filters’ (2) feature to specifically select the department or workflow state you wish to find. Once the correct approval item is displayed in the Inbox list (3), select the working title of the posting, hiring proposal or position description to be taken directly to that request.

Features of the new inbox

* After clicking on the working title, the system will automatically update your user role to align with that specific item awaiting your approval (4). For example, if you log in as an Initiator and selected the working title of a posting awaiting your approval as a Hiring Authority, as soon as you selected the posting, the system would automatically update your user role from Initiator to Hiring Authority.

Example showing user role automatic update
02/05/2018In our ongoing effort to make the TMS more user-friendly, we are pleased to announce a newly created Saved Search called 'Bulk Move Option Missing'. If an Applicant Manager finds that they are unable to bulk move applicants, they can use this saved search to utilize the bulk move feature. Please see our new training guide located here: //
01/09/2018Showcase of the Talent Management System Updates
11/10/2017We have updated the Position Justification tab for AP and Faculty position descriptions. There are now three required fields: 'Is this position gift of grant funded', 'Please indicate the percentage of gift of grant funding for this position', and 'Source Funding'. The position description training guide has been updated to reflect these changes and can be found here How to Create/Modify an Administrative Professional Position Description.

This image shows the position justification tab on a position description. There are three new required fields.
09/27/2017We have updated an applicant workflow state in the system. The workflow state option ‘Recommended, Not Selected’ has been removed. It was discovered that Applicant Managers were moving candidates from ‘Approved Recommend for Hire – Alternate’ into ‘Recommended, Not Selected’ once their first choice accepted the job offer. Candidates may remain in the ‘Alternate’ workflow state indefinitely so there is no need to update their workflow state if the top choice accepts the job offer. Additionally, this allows search committees to go back to active applicants within a year of a search closing, should an identical vacancy become available. Please see our updated Workflow States and Definitions guides for Administrative Professionals and Faculty position types.
09/01/2017There have been two recent updates to the Talent Management System. First, the user role 'College/Division HR’ has been renamed to 'Department HR Liaison' to match standard CSU terminology. Second, the Essential Job Duties tab which is pulled over from the approved position description when you start a posting request, has been updated to a 'Read Only' view and is no longer editable on the posting. This tab helps determine the FLSA status of the position and aids in classification determination and thus should not be updated or changed once a position description has been approved.
08/01/2017The Office of Equal Opportunity wishes to share that we have changed the third party vendor that lists our open positions with Connecting Colorado from JobTarget to DirectEmployers Association. Membership in DirectEmployers includes unlimited job listings with 50 diversity recruitment venues, including sites for underrepresented populations, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. Colorado State University job postings will be automatically listed with these diversity venues at no additional cost to departments. Open positions will continue to be listed in and, which are separate arrangements from DirectEmployers.
07/17/2017We are pleased to announce a newly added feature in the Talent Management System (TMS) that further promotes Colorado State University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. When an applicant creates a user profile on the website, they will now have the ability to provide both their ‘Legal First Name’ as well as their ‘Preferred First Name’. The applicant’s preferred name will then pull through into their application within TMS, replacing the ‘First Name’ field throughout so that a committee always knows how to address the individual. Thus, the ‘Preferred First Name’ is a required field. The ‘Legal First Name’ field will only be visible to those with the Hiring Authority role when they initiate the hiring proposal.

Below are sample screenshots of how the preferred name will display in the system.

When an applicant creates a user profile on the CSU jobs website to apply to a job posting, they will be required to enter in their ‘Legal First Name’, ‘Preferred First Name’, and their ‘Legal Last Name’. If the applicant goes by their Legal First Name, they will need to enter that into the ‘Preferred First Name’ field as well.

Screen shot shows the preferred name in TMS applicant portal

Once an applicant creates an account and applies to a job posting, their preferred name will automatically display under the ‘First Name’ column within the ‘Applicants’ tab in the posting. Applicant Managers, Search Committee Members, as well a Hiring Authorities will only see the ‘Preferred Name’ in the ‘First Name’ column.

screenshot shows how the preferred name will appear on applicants tab within posting

When an Applicant Manager, Search Committee Member, or the Hiring Authority clicks on the ‘First Name’ of an applicant, they will be taken to that applicant’s ‘Job Application’ page within the system. Notice how only the preferred name displays on this page.

screenshot shows how an applicant will appear on their job application page

The only time a user group in the system will see both the preferred first name and legal first name is when the Hiring Authority goes to start the hiring proposal. Notice how both fields are displayed together. Please note, during our transition period of implementing this new ‘Preferred First Name’ field, some applicants who had already applied before the implementation will have a blank ‘Legal First Name’ field on the hiring proposal. OEO will update this field on the hiring proposal so that the legal first name matches the preferred first name. This is necessary for Oracle integration. All Oracle processes will remain the same.

screenshot shows how the preferred name will appear on the hiring proposal

The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) is pleased to announce that Colorado State University has subscribed to a job posting service with (HigherEdJobs). With this subscription, all CSU job announcements created in the Talent Management System (TMS) will automatically be posted to HigherEdJobs. Twice daily, HigherEdJobs will automatically check for new jobs, edited jobs and deleted jobs and update their site accordingly.

CSU has purchased this subscription service in an effort to expand recruitment and maximize financial resources as an institution. HigherEdJobs has been identified by OEO as one of the most frequently used recruitment sources by university departments. CSU pays to use this recruitment venue more than any other to post job announcements. Due to the high interest of this recruitment venue and the broad reach to applicants interested in positions at institutions of higher education, CSU has purchased an Unlimited Posting Subscription. This subscription not only includes unlimited job postings, but also a free Institutional Profile to help brand CSU to our audience.

Over 1,100 colleges and universities are currently subscribed to the same Unlimited Posting Subscription. This subscription service with HigherEdJobs also assists with of our commitment to diversity and inclusion by announcing job postings to a diverse audience:

- Over 30% of monthly traffic is from underrepresented groups and over 60% is from women.

- 6% of all HigherEdJobs users are veterans.

- 4% of all HigherEdJobs users have self-identified as being diagnosed with a physical and/or mental impairment as defined by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Colorado State University and the Office of Equal Opportunity continually explore options to broadly advertise position announcements in a positive and cost-effective manner. We are very excited that HigherEdJobs has emerged as an excellent advertising option to fund centrally that is beneficial to our campus community.
06/06/2016On June 13th the Talent Management System will be inserting Equal Opportunity Coordinators (EOC) into the applicant workflow of the search process. The changes to the system will include inserting EOC approval of rationale and cuts to the applicant pools. The workflow states that will now require EOC review and approval are Semifinalist, Finalist, and Recommended for Hire (as well as requests for Faculty Review for Faculty searches). In their role, EOCs will review rationale for why applicants are or are not progressing in the search process.
05/25/2016TMS is introducing a Social Sharing option for all posted jobs through TMS. Once a position has been approved by OEO and added to the CSU jobs website, certain users may go into TMS, find the particular posting, and share it on multiple social media sites with a single click of a button.
04/12/2016On April 28th TMS will be receiving a new look. This change comes directly from our vendor for all of their customers. Please note, the way you use the system will not change - all the tabs, lists, search bars, and buttons will be where you expect them with just a new, cleaner, and simpler appearance.

This means:

- Larger, more visible buttons.
- New colors and fonts to define sections and headers.

The sequence of actions you take to complete your tasks will not change because names and relative locations of tabs, lists, search bars and buttons remain the same. (moved this over)

Learn more: You don’t need to take any action to prepare for this upgrade, but you can get more information in several ways:

- See the new user interface and compare it to the current look.
- Review frequently asked questions about the user interface upgrade.

If your 'Take Action on Posting' drop down menu is disappearing before it allows you to select a workflow state, please clear your internet browser's cache. To do so, please click on these links depending on your internet browser: Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.
03/31/2016Two new training guides have been uploaded to the TMS training page. One to assist the Search Contact (Applicant Manager) in reactivating an applicants application and the other to help an applicant edit a reactivated application.
11/23/2015The CSU employee and guest login screen is new and has seen a significant upgrade.
11/10/2015A new applicant workflow state, 'Request Faculty Review' has been added to the Faculty posting workflow. For colleges in which the entire tenured and tenure-track faculty review semifinalist applicant materials, this state will facilitate that step in the process.
11/09/2015For both Admin Pro and Faculty, the applicant workflow state 'Reviewed Potentials' has been changed to 'Application Review, Hold'. This verbiage change better captures the intent of this workflow state.
11/03/2015Integration with Oracle starting Nov. 16th, 2015