Frequently Asked Questions for the Talent Management System

Q: What if I have a question or problem regarding TMS? 

Q: How does someone hire out of another department’s open pool?

  • A: This process is exactly the same as hiring out of any other open pool. A position description is created and a posting is created based on that position. In the Recruitment Plan field of the posting, the Initiator specifies which open pool the department wishes to use. This can be in any department. If the position and the open pool are in different departments, OEO will review the position to make sure that the open pool requested is appropriate. If approved, all current available applicants will be copied into the posting for review.

Q: How do I remove a position or posting from my Watch List?

  • A: With your watch list open, hover over “Actions” to the right of any position or posting you wish to remove. Choose “Stop Watching Posting” or “Stop Watching Position.”

Q: Do Applicants Receive Notifications from the Talent Management System?

  • A: The system only sends two automatic emails to applicants. The first is when they submit their application, the system will send a ‘thank you for applying’ email. The second is only sent if a search is collecting letters of recommendation. If a search is set up to collect reference letters, an applicant will receive an automatic email notification when one of their references has successfully uploaded a letter into the system. There are a few more emails that applicants receive from the system but these are manually sent i.e. when an application has been reactivated or when their password or username has been reset. All other email correspondence with applicants/candidates is up to the committee. The system does not let unsuccessful applicants know that they were not selected for an AP and Faculty search.

Q: We are having an issue finding an EO Coordinator to serve on our search; do you have any suggestions on how we might find an EO Coordinator?

  • A: If you are unable to secure an EO Coordinator from your unit, you are welcome to ask any of the EO Coordinator trained individuals on campus. The training is standard for all EO Coordinators so they can serve on any search committee at the University. There may be some difficulties in terms of time constraints, but they will let you know whether or not they are available to serve as your EO Coordinator.The current list of EO Coordinators is available on the OEO website under ‘Search Resources’.

Q: What are the guidelines for a limited recruitment search?

  • ​A: Limited recruitment searches would involve positions that have a salary of $40,000 or less, and are entry level with only a Bachelor’s Degree and/or limited years of experience required. Advertising would be limited to regional venues for 3 full weekends and travel funds would be limited to a minimum of $350.

Q: What are the guidelines for an accelerated search?

  • ​A: Accelerated searches can only be used for Administrative Professional positions. This type of search must have two people (the hiring authority and one other person) run the search, along with an EO Coordinator. The final negotiated salary must be $80,000 or less. The posting will need to be advertised for a minimum of two weekends. The hiring authority runs the search and is the main point of contact.

Q: How do I modify evaluation tools in the TMS? 

  • A: Once the posting announcement has been approved and is posted on the jobs website, the evaluation tools cannot be modified.

Q: Do I need to obtain a new position.version number if I am just modifying a position description in TMS?

  • A: This is part of the HR classification and compensation (HR CCA) review process and will be determined by HR CCA during position modification.

Q: Where does our posting automatically get announced?

  • A: All CSU postings are automatically posted on,, and Connecting Colorado at no charge to the unit.

Q: Why is my Job posting still showing on the CSU jobs website after the application deadline has long passed?

  • A: The CSU Talent Management System allows for an announcement to remain posted until a position is filled even if it is after the full consideration date. The purpose of this is to allow for late applications. There is a field called “close posting” that can be populated with a date 3 or so weeks after the full consideration date. This will allow the job to be posted longer but will remove it from the website on that date. Any applications received after the full consideration date can stay in the workflow state “Late Applicant – Currently Not Under Review” until such time as the committee wishes to review late applications, if ever. The sentence that identifies this action is “the search will remain open until a suitable candidate is identified.” If no date was entered in the “close posting date” field, once a department identifies a suitable candidate and completes the hiring proposal, the posting will be removed from the jobs website.

Q: Do I need OEO Approval for telephone /video /conference (semifinalist) interviews in the Talent Management System? 

  • A: The EO Coordinator approves semifinalist interviews in TMS for AdminPro searches. OEO still approves this step for Faculty searches.

Q: How do I request telephone/video/conference (semifinalist) interviews in the system?

  •   A: The Applicant Manager will move the desired candidates into the workflow state ‘Request Semifinalist Interview – EOC’. Once the EO Coordinator has reviewed and approved the request, the candidates will now appear in the workflow state ‘EOC Approved Semifinalist Interview’. At this point, the candidates may be contacted to schedule an interview. Once the telephone/video/conference interviews are performed the candidates will need to be moved into one of three states: ‘Semifinalist Interviewed, Not Selected’; ‘Semifinalist Interviewed, Hold’, or moved to the next step in the search process, usually ‘Check References’ or ‘Request Finalist Interview – EOC’.

Q: Applicant documents are not showing up in TMS (missing pages, blank pages), how do I proceed?

  •  ​A: Only applicants can upload documents associated with their application. If there are blank pages you should contact the applicant to let them know. If the applicant wishes to re-submit their materials through the system, their application may be reactivated by the Applicant Manager if it is still before the Full Consideration Date. Please see the How to Reactivate Job Applications guide for further information. If it is after the Full Consideration Date, please reach out to OEO at (970) 491-5836 or

Q: How do I view the applicants in my open pools?

Q: How do I transfer a Position in the TMS?

Q: I would like to collect reference contact information in the TMS, but don’t know where to indicate that. Where is this located?

  • Each applicant will fill in the name and contact information for references when they create a profile on the website. You can indicate on the References tab as well as in the Special Instructions Summary how many references you would like applicants to list. Please see the How to Request References training guide which outlines the process of collecting contact information for references as well as reference letters.

Q: I can’t seem to find where to add the short posting announcement. Could you help me with that?

  • A: The short posting announcement can be added to the ‘AP/Faculty Short Posting’ field. This field is auto-populated with the shortened EEO and background check statement. To enter the short posting announcement, place your cursor next to “CSU is and EO/EA/AA employer…” and hit return twice. Paste the announcement above the EEO statement. Save changes.

Q: Answers of “no” to supplemental questions will be disqualifying. Where is this added in TMS?

  • A: When creating a posting there will be a Supplemental Questions tab. Once you enter the question, click on the desired question to show additional choices. Click the box “Disqualifying” next to the answer you wish to designate as a disqualifying answer. Perform this step with all of the supplemental questions. Save changes. For additional help, please see page 28 of the Admin Pro Posting guideor page 27 of the Faculty Posting guide.

Q: How do Summer Session hires work?

Now that summer session assignments are being created, we are providing guidelines regarding the use of TMS to create these assignments. These are outlined in detail below, but the basic principle is this: if an employee already has an active assignment in the HR system, you do not need to create a summer session position through TMS.

  • If an employee is a completely new hire and will start in the summer (or will only work for the summer), create/modify a position in TMS and select the “Summer Session Salary” Salary Basis.
  • If an employee has been newly hired for the fall and the department decides they should start during the summer, please contact No action needs to be taken in TMS.
  • If an employee is being rehired for the summer (and does not have an active nine-month assignment), the department should create/modify the summer session assignment in TMS. However, no background check is needed.
  • If an employee has a currently active nine-month assignment and the department would like to hire them for the summer, the department should create the assignment in Oracle. No action needs to be taken in TMS.

Due to approval requirements for summer session, hires in TMS with the “Summer Session Salary” Salary Basis do not integrate with Oracle. The department needs to create or reactivate the assignment in Oracle whether or not it has already gone through TMS. Please contact with any questions. Additional TMS to Oracle integration help can be found on HR’s website.