The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) is pleased to announce that Colorado State University has subscribed to a job posting service with HigherEdJobs.com (HigherEdJobs). With this subscription, all CSU job announcements created in the Talent Management System (TMS) will automatically be posted to HigherEdJobs. Twice daily, HigherEdJobs will automatically check for new jobs, edited jobs and deleted jobs and update their site accordingly.

CSU has purchased this subscription service in an effort to expand recruitment and maximize financial resources as an institution. HigherEdJobs has been identified by OEO as one of the most frequently used recruitment sources by university departments. CSU pays to use this recruitment venue more than any other to post job announcements. Due to the high interest of this recruitment venue and the broad reach to applicants interested in positions at institutions of higher education, CSU has purchased an Unlimited Posting Subscription. This subscription not only includes unlimited job postings, but also a free Institutional Profile to help brand CSU to our audience.

Over 1,100 colleges and universities are currently subscribed to the same Unlimited Posting Subscription. This subscription service with HigherEdJobs also assists with of our commitment to diversity and inclusion by announcing job postings to a diverse audience:

  • Over 30% of monthly traffic is from underrepresented groups and over 60% is from women.
  • 6% of all HigherEdJobs users are veterans.
  • 4% of all HigherEdJobs users have self-identified as being diagnosed with a physical and/or mental impairment as defined by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Colorado State University and the Office of Equal Opportunity continually explore options to broadly advertise position announcements in a positive and cost-effective manner. We are very excited that HigherEdJobs has emerged as an excellent advertising option to fund centrally that is beneficial to our campus community.





On June 13th the Talent Management System will be inserting Equal Opportunity Coordinators (EOC’s) into the applicant workflow of the search process. The changes to the system will include inserting EOC approval of rationale and cuts to the applicant pools. The workflow states that will now require EOC review and approval are Semifinalist, Finalist, and Recommended for Hire (as well as requests for Faculty Review for Faculty searches). In their role, EOC’s will review rationale for why applicants are or are not progressing in the search process.

OEO will be providing three training sessions for EOC's. These training will demonstrate the EOC's new role within TMS and the new workflow states for the searches. Dates and times for these training sessions are listed below. Please click on the 'sign up' button to select the training you wish to attend. 

  • Friday, June 10th: 10:00am - 11:00am
  • Tuesday, June 14th: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Wednesday, June 15th: 9:00am - 10:00am


TMS is introducing a Social Sharing option for all posted jobs through TMS. Once a position has been approved by OEO and added to the CSU jobs website, certain users may go into TMS, find the particular posting, and share it on multiple social media sites with a single click of a button. Here is an example of where the social media buttons will be: 

User groups in TMS who can socially share a posted job are: Initiators, Applicant Managers, EO Coordinators, Hiring Authorities and Search Committee Members. 



On April 28th TMS will be receiving a new look. This change comes directly from our vendor for all of their customers. Please note, the way you use the system will not change - all the tabs, lists, search bars, and buttons will be where you expect them with just a new, cleaner, and simpler appearance.

 This means:

  • Larger, more visible buttons.
  • New colors and fonts to define sections and headers.

The sequence of actions you take to complete your tasks will not change because names and relative locations of tabs, lists, search bars and buttons remain the same. (moved this over)

Learn more: You don’t need to take any action to prepare for this upgrade, but you can get more information in several ways:


If your 'Take Action on Posting' drop down menu is disappearing before it allows you to select a workflow state, please clear your internet browser's cache. To do so, please click on these links depending on your internet browser: Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox



Two new training guides have been uploaded to the TMS training page. One to assist the Search Contact (Applicant Manager) in reactivating an applicants application and the other to help an applicant edit a reactivated application. 

Applicant Manager - How to Reactivate an Application: http://oeo.colostate.edu/Data/Sites/1/tms-pdf-guides/csu-how-to-reactivate-an-application.pdf

Applicants - How to Edit a Reactivated Application: http://oeo.colostate.edu/Data/Sites/1/tms-pdf-guides/applicants---how-to-update-application-materials-after-its-been-reactivated.pdf


The CSU employee and guest login screen is new and has seen a significant upgrade.


A new applicant workflow state, “Request Faculty Review,” has been added to the Faculty posting workflow. For colleges in which the entire tenured and tenure-track faculty review semifinalist applicant materials, this state will facilitate that step in the process.


For both Admin Pro and Faculty, the applicant workflow state “Reviewed Potentials” has been changed to “Application Review, Hold.” This verbiage change better captures the intent of this workflow state.


TMS Integration with Oracle Starting November 16