Local Recruitment Resources

Resource Brief overview of venueFormatCost Duration Description of Posting Options
Northern Colorado Help WantedRegionalHelpWanted.com and JobShop.ca operate a network of 460 local job boards across the US and Canada. We offer easy, efficient, and cost effective ways to recruit new employees locally. Our local job boards are promoted by constant advertising on area radio stations.OnlineSingle Job Posting: $199
Additional add-ons:
- Add your logo: $15
- Add Enhanced Job Listing: $15
- Attract talented Veterans: $50
- Featured employer: $50 per week
- Top Job: $50 per week
- Blast a Job Posting: $495
30 daysEnhanced Job Listing: Generate more views with color background and bold headline
Attract talented veterans: Display the flag and copy your job posting to VeteransHelpWanted.com
Featured Employer: display your logo on the home page
Top Job: Link to your job posting from the home page
Blast a Job Posting: Email your job posting to 8,755 potential applicants
CraigslistCraigslist is one of the world's most popular job boards, with millions of jobs posted each year across hundreds of different cities. It is most popular in the United States and Canada and leans toward less-senior office roles.

Online$25 per selected job 'category' 30 days
Colorado Nonprofit Association Colorado Nonprofit Association exists to strengthen nonprofits. Every day we educate and inform Colorado nonprofits about new ideas, best practices and pressing public policies so they can achieve greater impact on Colorado communities.OnlineSingle Job Listing: $125
Boosted Job Listing:$175
Premium Job Listing: $275
Andrew HudsonAndrew Hudson’s Jobs List has been Colorado’s premiere job board for  20 years.  Started in 1998 with a few hundred followers,  today, more than 35,000 subscribers receive the weekly updates and hundreds of thousands more visit AH Jobs List each month.  Currently, AH Jobs List posts more than 1,000 jobs per-month and according to a recent survey, 70% of employers posting jobs found Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List the best site for finding new employees.OnlineSingle Job: $25030 days