Teleworking during COVID-19

Due to the University’s response to COVID-19, staff in the Office of Equal Opportunity and across the University will be working remotely as of Monday, March 23rd. The Office of Equal Opportunity will continue to provide services. Though we endeavor to meet our usual service timelines, teleworking and the availability of parties no longer on campus or in the community may impact complaint and disability reasonable accommodation timelines. Thank you in advance for your patience throughout this process. Overall, circumstances will not impact University process; search approvals, meetings and communications will still occur remotely. If you have specific questions, please contact us. Take good care.

If you need to contact any member of the OEO team, please email us at or leave a message calling (970) 491-5836. We will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Equal Pay for Equal Work Act 

Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (EPEWA), which went into effect on January 1, 2021, amends existing Colorado law and provides new wage discrimination protections to prevent pay disparities.

The intent of the legislation is to close the pay gap in Colorado and ensure that employees with similar job duties are paid the same wage rate regardless of sex or sex in combination with another protected identity status. Sex includes gender identity. The law also strives to bring transparency to promotional decisions made at the university, requiring CSU to announce all promotional opportunities before a final decision is made.

Please click here to view additional details regarding this new act and changes to the Talent Management System and processes.

COVID-19 Guidance from OEO

Message to University Community: Public Health Requirement to Wear a Face Covering and Process to Seek an Exemption as well as Scripts for Supervisors and Academic Faculty

As we begin the fall semester, Colorado State University recognizes that the ever changing COVID-19 situation presents a need to pivot and adapt that our university community must embrace. One such adaptation is that students, staff, faculty, and visitors must wear a face covering in all University buildings and also outside when six feet of physical distancing cannot be met. This requirement is in place to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 among our university community and to comply with state and public health orders.

We acknowledge that wearing a face covering for extended periods of time is an adjustment; one that will take some getting used to. We further recognize that, for many individuals, wearing a face covering for extended periods of time or, in some cases at all, presents a unique challenge. Many of our employees experience mental and/or physical impairments that either impede their ability to wear a face covering or that may be significantly impacted by wearing a face covering.

  • A process exists for those for whom wearing a face covering would be a particular challenge.
  • An employee, including faculty and student employees, may request an exemption from wearing a face covering, with appropriate medical documentation, and request an alternative face covering, such as a face shield, or other temporary work adjustment to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Alternative face coverings and other temporary work adjustment requests must be analyzed on an individualized basis through an interactive process, facilitated by the Office of Equal Opportunity, between the employee and their department.
  • To request a face covering exemption, an employee must complete the face covering exemption request form found above.
  • Completing the form does not guarantee that a face covering exemption, alternative face covering request, or other temporary work adjustment request will be granted.

Colorado State University also recognizes that academic faculty in classrooms and supervisors managing on-site employees may encounter situations where a student or employee forgets to wear a face covering or refuses to wear one. To support our faculty and supervisors, we have prepared suggested language in the form of scripts for supervisors who may need to address an employee not wearing a face covering or following public health orders as well as a script for academic faculty who may need to address a student not wearing a face covering. The scripts can be found above as well as on the Human Resources and the Keep Teaching websites.

Concerns about non-adherence to wearing a face covering or to public health orders after utilizing the suggested language in connection with employees may be reported through the COVID Public Health Behavior Report Form.

Employees experiencing challenges accessing or using assistive technology while teleworking can contact the ATRC at 970-491-6258 or

For general concerns accessing electronic information at CSU please refer to the ACNS website or report an electronic access issue at CSU here.

CSU Human Resources’ COVID-19 FAQs answer common questions for faculty, staff and student employees about the impacts of COVID-19 on leave, work arrangements and other concerns.

Please consult the COVID-19 Human Resources FAQs to learn more about Human Resources’ guidance.

As Colorado State University navigates the challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the following is guidance for searches and hiring at the present time and moving forward. Underlying the guidance is the ability for units to make decisions that serve essential needs while also being mindful of the fiscal uncertainties created by the pandemic. Thus, hiring is limited to critical positions.

Units may cancel, pause or move searches forward to a hire using video platforms for interviews and vetting processes. All search and hiring related decisions are to be overseen by the dean of a college or vice president/vice provost of a division. The dean/vice president/vice provost should be consulting with the Provost/President, as appropriate, about any hiring plans before making any verbal or written offers. Your college or division may have already created a decision-making structure and communicated an approach moving forward.

Please inform the Office of Equal Opportunity for faculty and administrative professional searches, or the Employment Team in Human Resources for state classified searches, of searches your unit wishes to cancel or pause. A search that is paused will be noted as paused in the history tab in the Talent Management System by the Office of Equal Opportunity or the Employment Team in Human Resources and may be restarted at any point within the next year. If the paused search is currently advertised, the Office of Equal Opportunity or the Employment Team will remove the posting from the CSU jobs website.

Sample language for messaging to applicants and candidates that a search has been paused/postponed can be found here.

Colorado State University has managed challenging financial times in the past, most recently the great recession of 2008. With your assistance we will again successfully navigate these financial uncertainties.

Do not hesitate to contact the Office of Equal Opportunity for faculty and administrative professional searches at or (970) 491-5836 and the Employment Team in Human Resources for state classified searches at (970) 491-MyHR(6947) with any questions you may have.

If a department decides to pause or postpone a search and is seeking language to share with applicants/candidates, please see the Sample Language for Search Postponement due to COVID-19 template. If you need assistance creating mass, personalized emails, please see the How to Create a Mail Merge guide.

To pause a search, please follow these steps:

  1. Email OEO with the request to pause the search. Please include the title and posting number for the search.
  2. Email the current applicant pool to let them know of the search status. For additional help crafting language, please see our Sample Language for Search Postponement due to COVID-19 template. For help creating mass, personalized emails, please see our Mail Merge guide.
  3. If the position is currently advertised, OEO will remove the posting from the CSU jobs website until further notice. The posting will be moved into the “Closed” workflow state and will not be able to gather applications during this time.
  4. The department will need to reach out to OEO when they want to re-open the search, within a year of pausing it. If the search needs to collect additional applications, the posting will be moved back to the “Posted” workflow state and the search may resume. ​If the posting passed the full consideration date and the committee wishes to resume the search from where they left off, they may do so without needing to re-post the job. In both cases, the search chair should reach out to current applicants to inform them the search will continue and ascertain if the applicants are still interested in the position.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to OEO at

For additional information, please consult the COVID-19 Human Resources FAQ to see if guidance has already been provided. If you have any questions, please reach out to OEO at

Welcome to the Office of Equal Opportunity at Colorado State University

The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) supports Colorado State University’s commitment to promote human and intellectual diversity by fostering an inclusive environment for all members of the University community. OEO ensures the University’s obligations of equal access and equal opportunity in education and employment for all faculty, staff and students through the application and implementation of policies, procedures and practices that are equitable, transparent and understood by members of the University community.