Trained Search Chairs

The individuals listed below have completed the search chair training and are eligible to chair a search.
Cuevas, Stephanie1057Academic Advancement Center
Herron, Audrey1057Academic Advancement Center
Ivins, Grace1057Academic Advancement Center
Kefalas, Timothy8100Academic Advancement Center
Lucero, Mary Ann8100Academic Advancement Center
Mora, Fabiola8100Academic Advancement Center
Rivas, Juan1057Academic Advancement Center
Rodriquez, Sarah8100Academic Advancement Center
Draeger, Michelle1271Accounting
Johnston, Derek1271Accounting
Kutcher, Lisa1271Accounting
Lenk, Margarita1271Accounting
Rankin, Frederick1271Accounting
Samelson, Don1271Accounting
Stekelberg, James1271Accounting
Vance, Thomas1271Accounting
Berger, Allie1062Admissions
Browning, Bobby1062Admissions
Daniels, Heather1062Admissions
Fritts, Jordan1062Admissions
Hicks, James1062Admissions
Kruger, Robyn1062Admissions
Lehene-Singh, Pushpa1062Admissions
Nolin, Kelly1062Admissions
O'Neill, Timalyn1062Admissions
Pearce, Brittany1062Admissions
Stamm, Kelsey Lynn1062Admissions
Torrez, Trish1062Admissions
Wicks, Katy1062Admissions
Schrader, Ben8048Adult Learners and Veterans Services
Bayham, Jude1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Bennett, Jenny1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Berning, Joshua1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Bruce, Kathy1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Burkhardt, Jesse1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Chouinard, Hayley1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Cleary, Rebecca1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Costanigro, Marco1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Countryman, Amanda1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Davies, Stephen1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Enns, Kellie1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Frasier, Marshall1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Goemans, Christopher1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Graff, Gregory1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Hill, Rebecca1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Hoag, Dana1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Jablonski, Becca1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Koontz, Stephen1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Kroll, Stephan1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Loomis, John1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Manning, Dale1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Perry, Greg1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Ritten, John1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Seidl, Andrew1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Suter, Jordan1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Thilmany, Dawn1172Agricultural and Resource Economics
Beck, George1177Agricultural Biology
Blunt, Tamla1177Agricultural Biology
Brown, Cynthia1177Agricultural Biology
Camper, Matt1177Agricultural Biology
Charkowski, Amy1177Agricultural Biology
Dao, Phuong1177Agricultural Biology
Dayan, Franck1177Agricultural Biology
Fulladolsa Palma, Ana Cristina1177Agricultural Biology
Gaines, Todd1177Agricultural Biology
Holtzer, Tom1177Agricultural Biology
Hufbauer, Ruth1177Agricultural Biology
Jahn, Courtney1177Agricultural Biology
Leach, Jan1177Agricultural Biology
McKay, John1177Agricultural Biology
Nachappa, Punya1177Agricultural Biology
Nalam, Vamsi1177Agricultural Biology
Norton, Andrew1177Agricultural Biology
Ode, Paul1177Agricultural Biology
Peairs, Frank1177Agricultural Biology
Roberts, Robyn1177Agricultural Biology
Stewart, Jane1177Agricultural Biology
Szczepaniec, Ada1177Agricultural Biology
Tembrock, Luke1177Agricultural Biology
Trivedi, Pankaj1177Agricultural Biology
Bauder, Troy3001Agricultural Experiment Station
Bibbey, Amy3001Agricultural Experiment Station
Davis, Jessica3001Agricultural Experiment Station
Gabel, Michael3001Agricultural Experiment Station
Kelly, Eugene3001Agricultural Experiment Station
Sommers, Lee3001Agricultural Experiment Station
Nash, Christina3002Agricultural Research Development and Education Center
Schmidt, Micah3002Agricultural Research Development and Education Center
Whitman, Karl3002Agricultural Research Development and Education Center
Bates, Dan2019Analytical Resources Core
Battaglia, Christine2019Analytical Resources Core
Boot, Claudia2019Analytical Resources Core
Broeckling, Corey2019Analytical Resources Core
Craven, Terrie2019Analytical Resources Core
Denef, Karolien2019Analytical Resources Core
Field, Jeff2019Analytical Resources Core
Montgomery, Nathan2019Analytical Resources Core
Newell, Brian2019Analytical Resources Core
Rithner, Christopher2019Analytical Resources Core
Yao, Linxing2019Analytical Resources Core
Ahola, Jason1171Animal Sciences
Archibeque, Shawn1171Animal Sciences
Belk, Keith1171Animal Sciences
Bigler, Libby1171Animal Sciences
Brooks, Ryan1171Animal Sciences
Bruemmer, Jason1171Animal Sciences
Butler, Sharon1171Animal Sciences
Cadaret, Caitlin1171Animal Sciences
Carvalho, Pedro1171Animal Sciences
Coleman, Stephen1171Animal Sciences
Cramer, Catie1171Animal Sciences
Delmore, Robert1171Animal Sciences
Denniston, David1171Animal Sciences
Edwards-Callaway, Lily1171Animal Sciences
Engle, Terry1171Animal Sciences
Enns, Mark1171Animal Sciences
Geornaras, Gina1171Animal Sciences
Hess, Tanja1171Animal Sciences
Huffhines, Craig1171Animal Sciences
Irlbeck, Nancy1171Animal Sciences
Lebsock, Steph1171Animal Sciences
Martin, Jennifer1171Animal Sciences
Metcalf, Jessica1171Animal Sciences
Mogor, Debbie1171Animal Sciences
Narayanan Nair, Mahesh1171Animal Sciences
Peel, Kraig1171Animal Sciences
Peters, Caiti1171Animal Sciences
Place, Sara1171Animal Sciences
Rieskamp, Jenn1171Animal Sciences
Roman-Muniz, Ivette N.1171Animal Sciences
Santistevan, Tiare1171Animal Sciences
Sheehan, John1171Animal Sciences
Sofos, John1171Animal Sciences
Stackhouse-Lawson, Kim1171Animal Sciences
Thomas, Milt1171Animal Sciences
Wagner, John1171Animal Sciences
Wood, Wendy1171Animal Sciences
Lamm, Dennis1171Animal Sciences
Browne, Kate1787Anthropology and Geography
Galvin, Kathleen1787Anthropology and Geography
Glantz, Mica1787Anthropology and Geography
Hausermann, Heidi1787Anthropology and Geography
Kwiatkowski, Lynn1787Anthropology and Geography
Leisz, Steve1787Anthropology and Geography
Magennis, Ann1787Anthropology and Geography
Pickering, Kathleen1787Anthropology and Geography
Sibold, Jason1787Anthropology and Geography
Snodgrass, Jeffrey1787Anthropology and Geography
Van Buren, Mary1787Anthropology and Geography
Simmons, Lane3040Arkansas Valley Research Center
Tanabe, Kevin3040Arkansas Valley Research Center
Coronel, Patricia1770Art and Art History
DiCesare, Catherine1770Art and Art History
Fahey, Patrick1770Art and Art History
Faris, Suzanne1770Art and Art History
Flippen, Paul1770Art and Art History
Gravdahl, John1770Art and Art History
Hale, Suzanne1770Art and Art History
Harrow, Del1770Art and Art History
Huibregtse, Gary1770Art and Art History
Kokoska, Mary-Ann1770Art and Art History
Lehene, Marius1770Art and Art History
Lundberg, Tom1770Art and Art History
Moore, Emily1770Art and Art History
Moseman, Eleanor1770Art and Art History
Osborne, Erika1770Art and Art History
Plastini, Johnny1770Art and Art History
Risbeck, Phil1770Art and Art History
Ryan, Ajean1770Art and Art History
Seymour, Maggie1770Art and Art History
Sullivan, Patrice1770Art and Art History
Tornatzky, Cyane1770Art and Art History
Voss, Gary1770Art and Art History
Cornell, JoAnn8018Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center
Boone, Megan143Athletic Compliance
Shanker, Shalini143Athletic Compliance
Brune, Benjamin120Athletics
Campbell, Casey120Athletics
Cottingham, Steven120Athletics
Davis, Brynne120Athletics
DeZeeuw, Terry120Athletics
Ferris, Chris120Athletics
Hemme, Terry120Athletics
Jensen, Greg120Athletics
Klein, Matthew120Athletics
Krza, Patrick120Athletics
McMillin, Jay120Athletics
Neaves, Kyle120Athletics
Paquette, Mark120Athletics
Parker, Joe120Athletics
Phillips, Jason120Athletics
Puente, Sierra120Athletics
Railey, Rochelle "Rocky"120Athletics
Wimp, Katie120Athletics
Woodard, Christopher120Athletics
Barnes, Elizabeth1371Atmospheric Science
Bell,Michael1371Atmospheric Science
Bolinger, Becky1371Atmospheric Science
Branson, Kelley1371Atmospheric Science
Burger, Katy1371Atmospheric Science
Burt, Melissa1371Atmospheric Science
Chiu, Christine1371Atmospheric Science
Collett, Jeff1371Atmospheric Science
Davenport, Frances1371Atmospheric Science
DeHart, Jennifer1371Atmospheric Science
Denning, Scott1371Atmospheric Science
Finefrock, Adam1371Atmospheric Science
Fischer, Emily1371Atmospheric Science
Herrera, Zenaida1371Atmospheric Science
Hurrell, James1371Atmospheric Science
Johnson, Richard1371Atmospheric Science
Keys, Pat1371Atmospheric Science
Kreidenweis, Sonia1371Atmospheric Science
Kummerow, Christian1371Atmospheric Science
Maloney, Eric1371Atmospheric Science
Miller, Steven1371Atmospheric Science
Nabors, Darby1371Atmospheric Science
Newman, Noah1371Atmospheric Science
Packard, Heather1371Atmospheric Science
Pierce, Jeffrey1371Atmospheric Science
Randall, David1371Atmospheric Science
Reynolds, Samantha1371Atmospheric Science
Rutledge, Steve1371Atmospheric Science
Schubert, Wayne1371Atmospheric Science
Schumacher, Russ1371Atmospheric Science
Stephens, Graeme1371Atmospheric Science
Sullivan, Amy1371Atmospheric Science
van den Heever, Susan1371Atmospheric Science
Davey, Amanda1371Atmospheric Science
Thompson, David1371Atmospheric Science
Ciaravola, Dell Rae6001AVP Safety and Risk Services
Hunt, Tammy6008AVP Safety and Risk Services
Bamburg, Jim1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Cantonwine, Kristen1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Chen, Chaoping1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Cohen, Robert1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Curthoys, Norman1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
DeLuca, Jennifer1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Hansen, Jeffrey1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Ho, Shing1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Laybourn, Paul1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Nishimura, Erin1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Nyborg, Jennifer1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Peersen, Olve1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Ross, Eric1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Santangelo, Tom1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Stargell, Laurie1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Swygert, Sarah1870Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Angeloni, Lisa1878Biology
Antolin, Mike1878Biology
Balgopal, Meena1878Biology
Dewey, Tanya1878Biology
Florant, Greg1878Biology
Funk, Chris1878Biology
Garner, Ayo1878Biology
Garrity, Deborah1878Biology
Ghalambor, Cameron1878Biology
Heyne, Tyler1878Biology
Hoke, Kim1878Biology
Kanatous, Shane1878Biology
Knapp, Alan1878Biology
Medford, June1878Biology
Montgomery, Tai1878Biology
Mueller, Rachel1878Biology
Mykles, Don1878Biology
Neuwald, Jennifer1878Biology
Peers, Graham1878Biology
Poff, LeRoy1878Biology
Reddy, Anireddy1878Biology
Sloan, Dan1878Biology
Smith, Melinda1878Biology
von Fischer, Joseph1878Biology
Willis, Jennie1878Biology
Amberg, Greg1680Biomedical Sciences
Anthony, Russ1680Biomedical Sciences
Barfield, Jennifer1680Biomedical Sciences
Bishop, Jeanette1680Biomedical Sciences
Bowen, Richard1680Biomedical Sciences
Carnevale, Elaine1680Biomedical Sciences
Case, Sami1680Biomedical Sciences
Chicco, Adam1680Biomedical Sciences
Clapp, Tod1680Biomedical Sciences
Clay, Colin1680Biomedical Sciences
Dewbre, Carol1680Biomedical Sciences
Frasier, Mark1680Biomedical Sciences
Frye, Melinda1680Biomedical Sciences
Gallatin, Kay1680Biomedical Sciences
Garrett, Andrew1680Biomedical Sciences
Graham, James1680Biomedical Sciences
Hansen, Thomas1680Biomedical Sciences
Heckendorf, Shelley1680Biomedical Sciences
Hoerndli, Fred1680Biomedical Sciences
Ishii, Doug1680Biomedical Sciences
Ivie Jr, Kenny1680Biomedical Sciences
Maddox, Sarah1680Biomedical Sciences
Madl, James1680Biomedical Sciences
Magee, Christianne1680Biomedical Sciences
Meyer, Carolyn1680Biomedical Sciences
Moore, Alice1680Biomedical Sciences
Mornes, David1680Biomedical Sciences
Myers, Brent1680Biomedical Sciences
Nett, Terry1680Biomedical Sciences
Quirk, Phillip1680Biomedical Sciences
Ragan, Izabela1680Biomedical Sciences
Reist, Noreen1680Biomedical Sciences
Roess, Deborah1680Biomedical Sciences
Runyan, Brittany1680Biomedical Sciences
Seidel, George1680Biomedical Sciences
Smith, Bret1680Biomedical Sciences
Solomon, Karen1680Biomedical Sciences
Tamkun, Mike1680Biomedical Sciences
Thompson, Jane1680Biomedical Sciences
Tobet, Stuart1680Biomedical Sciences
Tsunoda, Susan1680Biomedical Sciences
Veeramachaneni, D1680Biomedical Sciences
Vigh, Jozsef1680Biomedical Sciences
Walrond, John1680Biomedical Sciences
Williams, DeShane1680Biomedical Sciences
Winger, Quint1680Biomedical Sciences
Lawton, Amy8035Bookstore
Parry, John8035Bookstore
Arroyo, Haley6003Business and Financial Services
Buxman, Jolene6003Business and Financial Services
Clark, Jacque6003Business and Financial Services
Dove, Steven6003Business and Financial Services
Ellison, Debra6003Business and Financial Services
Glaze, Chris6003Business and Financial Services
Hawk, Mari6003Business and Financial Services
Meyer, Ashley6003Business and Financial Services
Offord, Angie6003Business and Financial Services
Owens, Debbie6003Business and Financial Services
Parker, Val6003Business and Financial Services
Pollman, Jennifer6003Business and Financial Services
Polzer, Grant6003Business and Financial Services
Richardson, Cheri6003Business and Financial Services
Snowhite, Laura6003Business and Financial Services
Stuard, Ali6003Business and Financial Services
Tetrault, Liz6003Business and Financial Services
Unda, Jesus6003Business and Financial Services
Vander Vliet, Sue6003Business and Financial Services
Zimmerer, Suzanne6003Business and Financial Services
Ryan, David6003Business and Financial Services
Daniel, Jennifer8027Campus Recreation
DeCosta, Kaesha8027Campus Recreation
Eppley, Nick8027Campus Recreation
Ford, Brooks8027Campus Recreation
Frye, Cody8027Campus Recreation
Hill, TJ8027Campus Recreation
Hoile, Logan8027Campus Recreation
Holt, Eric8027Campus Recreation
Kehler, Tyson8027Campus Recreation
Kinney, Kyle8027Campus Recreation
Moreau, Cassie8027Campus Recreation
Muenchow, Judy8027Campus Recreation
Nelson, Andrew8027Campus Recreation
Patchett, Erin8027Campus Recreation
Patchett, Rob8027Campus Recreation
Sidore, Taylor8027Campus Recreation
Alvarez, Joshua8008Career Center
Biddle, Leanna8008Career Center
Boren, Samantha8008Career Center
Cailene, Amy8008Career Center
Cleveland, Jon8008Career Center
Epstein, Brenda8008Career Center
Hayes, Angela8008Career Center
Head, Greg8008Career Center
Holtshouser, Sam8008Career Center
Kim, Jenny8008Career Center
Lloyd, Katie8008Career Center
Palmer, Sam8008Career Center
Reed, Shelly8008Career Center
Richardson, Barb8008Career Center
Tyrrell, Marie8008Career Center
Anderson, Jennie1490CEMML
Anzalone, Peter1490CEMML
Arfman, Abigail1490CEMML
Bagley, Calvin1490CEMML
Beavers, Andrew1490CEMML
Bern, Christine1490CEMML
Burns, Chuck1490CEMML
Caldwell, Liz1490CEMML
Carlson, Josh1490CEMML
Chapa, Tony1490CEMML
Clarke, Melinda1490CEMML
Cole, David1490CEMML
Corbin, Abigail1490CEMML
Cranek, Lisa1490CEMML
Davis, Helen1490CEMML
Doe, William1490CEMML
Doratt, Rogelio1490CEMML
Dougherty, Molly1490CEMML
Ellis, Gwynn1490CEMML
Esdale, Julie1490CEMML
Gabriel, Christi1490CEMML
Galbraith, Sara1490CEMML
Gilstad, Andrea1490CEMML
Gomez, Doug1490CEMML
Haggerty, Shawn1490CEMML
Hants, Logan1490CEMML
Harris, Ginny1490CEMML
Herron, Christopher1490CEMML
Hoos, Meredith1490CEMML
Howe, Emily1490CEMML
Jacobs, Joel1490CEMML
Jacobson, Peter1490CEMML
Jamiyansharav, Khishigbayar1490CEMML
Jones, Dave1490CEMML
Jordan, Dusty1490CEMML
Kirkpatick, Jess1490CEMML
Kirkpatrick, Jess1490CEMML
Krumlauf, Jeremy1490CEMML
Krumlauf, Jill1490CEMML
LeBlond, Duncan1490CEMML
Ley, Matt1490CEMML
Mathies, Tom1490CEMML
McElwaine, Kelly1490CEMML
Mechels, Steven1490CEMML
Mense, Amber1490CEMML
Miller, Mark1490CEMML
Milmore, Valerie1490CEMML
Morrison, Caitlin1490CEMML
Moya, Damian1490CEMML
Olech, James1490CEMML
Pezzutti, Florencia1490CEMML
Phillips, Erik1490CEMML
Pokorny, Deborah1490CEMML
Potter, Justin1490CEMML
Puliafico, Ken1490CEMML
Roberts, Ben1490CEMML
Ruzycki, Tom1490CEMML
Schnell, Lena1490CEMML
Schommer, Tim1490CEMML
Sherman, Stephen1490CEMML
Sprouse, William1490CEMML
Steadman, Ashley1490CEMML
Steger, Danielle1490CEMML
Sullivan, Pamela1490CEMML
Sumner, Ray1490CEMML
Sweet, Christina1490CEMML
Tejeda, Ana1490CEMML
Troop, Nathan1490CEMML
Tucker, Nathan1490CEMML
Voggesser, Shannon1490CEMML
Wallace, Alexandra1490CEMML
Wallander, Amanda1490CEMML
Wasserstein, Ben1490CEMML
Zarzycka, Sandra1490CEMML
Zeidler, James1490CEMML
Zyszczynski, Anette1490CEMML
Messner, Claire1490CEMML
Foster, Annette2015Center for Healthy Aging
Heriot Hoffer, Trina1038Center for the New Energy Economy
Petrella, Carlyn1038Center for the New Energy Economy
Tegen, Suzanne1038Center for the New Energy Economy
Burn, Steve6011Central Receiving
Evens, Lindsay4Chancellor's Office
Fenn, Alan4Chancellor's Office
Kelley, Michelle4Chancellor's Office
McDonald, Tami4Chancellor's Office
Miley, Sarah4Chancellor's Office
Neth, Cara4Chancellor's Office
Sedlak, Adrienne4Chancellor's Office
Venzor, Kathryn4Chancellor's Office
Smith, Jennifer4Chancellor's Office
Bailey, Travis1370Chemical and Biological Engineering
Dandy, David1370Chemical and Biological Engineering
Lavelle, Claire1370Chemical and Biological Engineering
Peebles, Christie1370Chemical and Biological Engineering
Reardon, Ken1370Chemical and Biological Engineering
Reisfeld, Brad1370Chemical and Biological Engineering
Snow, Chris1370Chemical and Biological Engineering
Wang, David (Qiang)1370Chemical and Biological Engineering
Watson, Ted1370Chemical and Biological Engineering
Kipper, Matt1370Chemical and Biological Engineering
Ackerson, Christopher1872Chemistry
Allen, Anna1872Chemistry
Baker, Lynise1872Chemistry
Bandar, Jeff1872Chemistry
Barisas, George1872Chemistry
Bernstein, Elliot1872Chemistry
Chen, Eugene1872Chemistry
Chung, Jean1872Chemistry
Crans, Debbie1872Chemistry
DiVerdi, Joseph1872Chemistry
Farmer, Delphine1872Chemistry
Henry, Charles1872Chemistry
Kahler, Karen1872Chemistry
Kennan, Alan1872Chemistry
Krummel, Amber1872Chemistry
Levinger, Nancy1872Chemistry
McNally, Andy1872Chemistry
Miyake, Garret1872Chemistry
Neilson, James1872Chemistry
Olivo-Delgado, Carlos1872Chemistry
Paton, Robert1872Chemistry
Prieto, Amy1872Chemistry
Rappe, Tony1872Chemistry
Sambur, Justin1872Chemistry
Shi, Yian1872Chemistry
Shores, Matthew1872Chemistry
Somers, Patty1872Chemistry
Strauss, Steve1872Chemistry
Szamel, Grzegorz1872Chemistry
Van Orden, Alan1872Chemistry
Willis, Megan1872Chemistry
Zadrozny, Joseph1872Chemistry
Berthold, Kristin1872Chemistry
Atadero, Rebecca1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bailey, Ryan1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Baker, Daniel1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Camus, Amber1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Carlson, Ken1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Carter, Ellison1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chavez, Jose1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
David, Olaf1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Gates, Tim1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Grigg, Neil1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hanif, Asma1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Heyliger, Paul1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Julien, Pierre1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Logan, David1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Long, Susan1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mahmoud, Hussam1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mallipudi, Susheela1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Miller, Shannon1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Milnog, Sarah1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Morrison, Ryan1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nelson, Peter1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Niemann, Jeff1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Patterson, David1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sale, Thomas1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Scalia IV, Joe1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Shackelford, Chuck1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Siller, Tom1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Thornton, Chris1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
van de Lindt, John1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Venayagamoorthy, Subhas1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Wible, Tyler1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Case, Shaun1372Civil and Environmental Engineering
Baker, Geri1678Clinical Sciences
Banks, Krista1678Clinical Sciences
Bartner, Lisa1678Clinical Sciences
Boscan, Pedro1678Clinical Sciences
Bracken, Anna1678Clinical Sciences
Bright, Janice1678Clinical Sciences
Brown, Mark1678Clinical Sciences
Burton, Jenna1678Clinical Sciences
Buza, Marina1678Clinical Sciences
Campbell, Terry1678Clinical Sciences
Cavanagh, Amanda1678Clinical Sciences
Contino, Erin1678Clinical Sciences
Dinsmore, Page1678Clinical Sciences
Dotson, Jeff1678Clinical Sciences
Dow, Steve1678Clinical Sciences
Dowers, Kristy1678Clinical Sciences
Duerr, Felix1678Clinical Sciences
Duval, Dawn1678Clinical Sciences
Easley, Jeremiah1678Clinical Sciences
Edwards, Melissa1678Clinical Sciences
Ehrhart, Nicole1678Clinical Sciences
Elam, Lindsay1678Clinical Sciences
Fotsch, Jeffrey1678Clinical Sciences
Frisbie, David1678Clinical Sciences
Garcia, Samantha1678Clinical Sciences
Garry, Frank1678Clinical Sciences
Giandinoto, Tom1678Clinical Sciences
Goh, Clara1678Clinical Sciences
Goodrich, Laurie1678Clinical Sciences
Griffin, Lynn1678Clinical Sciences
Gustafson, Daniel1678Clinical Sciences
Hall, Kelly1678Clinical Sciences
Hassel, Diana1678Clinical Sciences
Hastings, Candice1678Clinical Sciences
Hatzel, Jennifer1678Clinical Sciences
Haussler, Kevin1678Clinical Sciences
Hellyer, Peter1678Clinical Sciences
Hendrickson, Dean1678Clinical Sciences
Henriksen, Michala1678Clinical Sciences
Hollinshead, Fiona1678Clinical Sciences
Hoyer, Naomi1678Clinical Sciences
Jensen, Wayne1678Clinical Sciences
Johnston, Matthew1678Clinical Sciences
Kawcak, Chris1678Clinical Sciences
Kogan, Lori1678Clinical Sciences
Lana, Sue1678Clinical Sciences
Landolt, Gabriele1678Clinical Sciences
Lanning, Shari1678Clinical Sciences
Lappin, Mike1678Clinical Sciences
Lebsock, Kimberly1678Clinical Sciences
Maclean, Lisa1678Clinical Sciences
MacPhail, Catriona1678Clinical Sciences
Mama, Khursheed1678Clinical Sciences
Martin, Savannah1678Clinical Sciences
Marvel, Sarah1678Clinical Sciences
McCue, Pat1678Clinical Sciences
McGrath, Stephanie1678Clinical Sciences
McIlwraith, Wayne1678Clinical Sciences
Miyoshi, Liz1678Clinical Sciences
Monnet, Eric1678Clinical Sciences
Morley, Paul1678Clinical Sciences
Mortimer, Robert1678Clinical Sciences
Nout-Lomas, Yvette1678Clinical Sciences
Orton, Chris1678Clinical Sciences
Page, Rodney1678Clinical Sciences
Palmer, Ross1678Clinical Sciences
Pokoski, Sarah1678Clinical Sciences
Powell, Cynthia1678Clinical Sciences
Raabis, Sarah1678Clinical Sciences
Rawlinson, Jennifer1678Clinical Sciences
Rezende, Marlis1678Clinical Sciences
Rose, Aza1678Clinical Sciences
Rosychuk, Rod1678Clinical Sciences
Ruch-Gallie, Rebecca1678Clinical Sciences
Sadar, Miranda1678Clinical Sciences
Salman, Mo1678Clinical Sciences
Scansen, Brian1678Clinical Sciences
Seim, Howard1678Clinical Sciences
Shaw, Jane1678Clinical Sciences
Simpson, Katie1678Clinical Sciences
Smeak, Dan1678Clinical Sciences
Still Brooks, Kelly1678Clinical Sciences
Thamm, Douglas1678Clinical Sciences
Traub-Dargatz, Josie1678Clinical Sciences
Troyer, Heather1678Clinical Sciences
Tucker, Claire1678Clinical Sciences
Twedt, David1678Clinical Sciences
Vickery, Kate1678Clinical Sciences
Webb, Craig1678Clinical Sciences
Weishaar, Kristen1678Clinical Sciences
Worley, Deanna1678Clinical Sciences
Youssef, Sarah1678Clinical Sciences
Zersen, Kristin1678Clinical Sciences
Ernst, Kathryn1270COB Academic Programs
Frucci, Jim1270COB Academic Programs
Pepmeyer, Erika1270COB Academic Programs
Sack, Shelby1270COB Academic Programs
Schwartzkopf, Joel1270COB Academic Programs
Albrecht, Donald1270COB Academic Programs
Cartwright, Natalie1260COB Academic Support
Ferree, David1260COB Academic Support
Grubbs, Kim1260COB Academic Support
Hart, Thomas (Indy)1260COB Academic Support
Humphrey, Lorie1260COB Academic Support
Jeep Ernst, Robyn1260COB Academic Support
Karapas, Andrea1260COB Academic Support
Kozlarek, Amy1260COB Academic Support
Mapes, Kelly1260COB Academic Support
Nulton, Savannah1260COB Academic Support
Ogden, Brenda1260COB Academic Support
Olsen, Nicole1260COB Academic Support
Peterson, Leslie1260COB Academic Support
Radman, Jason1260COB Academic Support
Rohloff, Catie1260COB Academic Support
Rosales, Tonja1260COB Academic Support
Santiago, Paul1260COB Academic Support
Shearholdt, Cassie1260COB Academic Support
Utecht, Shawn1260COB Academic Support
Valusek, Barbara1260COB Academic Support
Engelking, John1220COB Operations
Hill, Sarah1220COB Operations
Hooks, Christine1220COB Operations
Krueger, Teresa1201COB Operations
Lane, Chelsey1220COB Operations
Mader, Adam1220COB Operations
Nelsen, Richard1201COB Operations
Schleicher, Nicole1220COB Operations
Vegter, Chris1220COB Operations
Wagner, Colton1220COB Operations
Yue, Gang1220COB Operations
Abernathy, Darian1074Collaborative for Student Achievement
Bowen, Ann1032Collaborative for Student Achievement
Brake, Michael1074Collaborative for Student Achievement
Desta, Sam1032Collaborative for Student Achievement
Dethier, Lilly1032Collaborative for Student Achievement
DiGregorio, Gaye1032Collaborative for Student Achievement
Escobedo, Aaron1032Collaborative for Student Achievement
Hanna, Okee1032Collaborative for Student Achievement
Noel, Latoya1032Collaborative for Student Achievement
Putman, Jill1032Collaborative for Student Achievement
Wernert-Eighmy, Sean1032Collaborative for Student Achievement
White, Robert1032Collaborative for Student Achievement
Young, Amy1032Collaborative for Student Achievement
Claffey, Tyson1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Davis, Carl1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Fuentes, Jessica1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Gerber, Anna1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Gonzales, Melesa1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Holliday, Joanna1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Lynch, Shelly1101College of Agricultural Sciences
May, Michael1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Mills, Paula1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Peterson, Bethany1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Peyronnin, Ed1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Pritchett, James1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Scheffing, Jennifer1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Schulenberg, Cliff1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Wagner, Shannon1101College of Agricultural Sciences
Dineen, Allison1201College of Business
Holm, Dave1201College of Business
Johnson, Bryan1201College of Business
Kimble, Kelle1201College of Business
Mallette, Paul1201College of Business
Manning, Ken1201College of Business
Maynard, Travis1201College of Business
Olienyk, John1201College of Business
Palmer, Patrice1201College of Business
Patel, Zeel1201College of Business
Schild, Matt1201College of Business
Skeehan, Meg1201College of Business
Staudacher, Stephanie1201College of Business
Walker, Beth1201College of Business
Aberle, Jennifer1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Adams, Beth1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Barrett, Sarah1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Brennan, Tim1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Carpenter, Dave1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Foster, Michelle1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Garvey, Jennifer1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Gerding, Gretchen1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Hickey, Matt1501College of Health and Human Sciences
McCubbin, Jeff1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Nagle, Lee1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Ouren, Stephanie1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Sloan, Malinda1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Tisdale, Eric1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Youngblade, Lise1501College of Health and Human Sciences
Bachle, Kaitlin1701College of Liberal Arts
Bateman, Rosanna1701College of Liberal Arts
Bellotti, Heather1701College of Liberal Arts
Blakeslee, Levi1701College of Liberal Arts
Boland, Lynn1701College of Liberal Arts
Canada, Keri1701College of Liberal Arts
Claycomb, Ann1701College of Liberal Arts
Daggett, Kim1701College of Liberal Arts
Etter, Beth1701College of Liberal Arts
Foskin, Kevin1701College of Liberal Arts
Gillispie, Bryan1701College of Liberal Arts
Hecht, Ray1701College of Liberal Arts
Kotnik, Caitlin1701College of Liberal Arts
McCarty, Becca1701College of Liberal Arts
McGregor, Kelly1701College of Liberal Arts
McMurray, Nicolle1701College of Liberal Arts
Milliman, Jenna1701College of Liberal Arts
Moss, Marjorie1701College of Liberal Arts
Nielsen, Stephanie1701College of Liberal Arts
Santeramo, Neely1701College of Liberal Arts
Scharf, Wes1701College of Liberal Arts
Shields, Bruce1701College of Liberal Arts
Sims, Betty1701College of Liberal Arts
Stewart, Jessie1701College of Liberal Arts
Terry, Elizabeth1701College of Liberal Arts
Weitzel, Colleen1701College of Liberal Arts
Wernsing, Sarah1701College of Liberal Arts
Withers, Ben1701College of Liberal Arts
Basile, Andrea1801College of Natural Sciences
Cox, James1801College of Natural Sciences
Di Pietro, Santiago1801College of Natural Sciences
Dysleski, Lisa1801College of Natural Sciences
Felten, Kristen1801College of Natural Sciences
Foreman, Christina1801College of Natural Sciences
Gorell, Tom1801College of Natural Sciences
McGrew, John1801College of Natural Sciences
Michalak, Heather1801College of Natural Sciences
Nededog, Arlene1801College of Natural Sciences
Reynolds, Melissa1801College of Natural Sciences
Tavener, Simon1801College of Natural Sciences
Venis, Georgeann1801College of Natural Sciences
Madden, Ross1801College of Natural Sciences
Anderson, David1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Culver, Denise1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Greenwell, Amy1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Grunau, Lee1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Handwerk, Jill1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Lambert, Brad1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Lemly, Joanna1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Menefee, Michael1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Panjabi, Susan1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Rondeau, Renee1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Schorr, Robert1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Siemers, Jeremy1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Smith, Jessica1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Sovell, John1475Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Barry, Peter5060Colorado State Forest Service
Beveridge, Daniel5060Colorado State Forest Service
Blackmore, Terri5060Colorado State Forest Service
Braun, Josh5060Colorado State Forest Service
Bucholz, Ethan5060Colorado State Forest Service
Burnett, Kristy5060Colorado State Forest Service
Coelho, Dana5060Colorado State Forest Service
Cousineau, Ron5060Colorado State Forest Service
Drinkwine, Sarah5060Colorado State Forest Service
Ek, Dan5060Colorado State Forest Service
Erickson, Max5060Colorado State Forest Service
Fordham, Amanda5060Colorado State Forest Service
Franzel, John5060Colorado State Forest Service
Gaither, Mercedes Siegle5060Colorado State Forest Service
Gallamore, L M5060Colorado State Forest Service
Garrison, Kristin5060Colorado State Forest Service
Green, Aaron5060Colorado State Forest Service
Hanley, David5060Colorado State Forest Service
Kotlinski, Nic5060Colorado State Forest Service
Lange, Damon5060Colorado State Forest Service
Little, Tina5060Colorado State Forest Service
Long, Kamie5060Colorado State Forest Service
Loveall, Mark5060Colorado State Forest Service
Mackes, Kurt5060Colorado State Forest Service
Matthews, Susan5060Colorado State Forest Service
Moore, Adam5060Colorado State Forest Service
Osborne, Sarah5060Colorado State Forest Service
Pankratz, Sam5060Colorado State Forest Service
Parker-Renga, Teddy5060Colorado State Forest Service
Perrotin, Martha5060Colorado State Forest Service
Pfohl, Benjamin5060Colorado State Forest Service
Rainey, Jeffrey5060Colorado State Forest Service
Rausch, Nathan5060Colorado State Forest Service
Renga, Teddy5060Colorado State Forest Service
Richardson, Rachel5060Colorado State Forest Service
Rist, Jodi5060Colorado State Forest Service
Scavo, Sam5060Colorado State Forest Service
Schlosberg, Andy5060Colorado State Forest Service
Selby, Diana5060Colorado State Forest Service
Shaver, J5060Colorado State Forest Service
Siegle-Gaither, Mercedes5060Colorado State Forest Service
Sokoloski, Derek5060Colorado State Forest Service
Solis, Kellie5060Colorado State Forest Service
Tarantino, Mike5060Colorado State Forest Service
Till, Michael5060Colorado State Forest Service
Twitchell, John5060Colorado State Forest Service
Wade, Lindsay5060Colorado State Forest Service
Wehr, Zachary5060Colorado State Forest Service
West, Dan5060Colorado State Forest Service
Weston, Spencer5060Colorado State Forest Service
White, John5060Colorado State Forest Service
Woods, Scott5060Colorado State Forest Service
Conway, Kerri1Colorado State Univ. System
Fedrid, Adam1Colorado State Univ. System
Mullen, Bridget1Colorado State Univ. System
Cabot, Perry1033Colorado Water Center
Grice, Nancy1033Colorado Water Center
Schneekloth, Joel1033Colorado Water Center
Tracy, John1033Colorado Water Center
Anderson, Karrin1783Communication Studies
Aoki, Eric1783Communication Studies
Burgchardt, Carl1783Communication Studies
Carcasson, Martin1783Communication Studies
Chung, Hye Seung1783Communication Studies
Dickinson, Greg1783Communication Studies
Diffrient, Scott1783Communication Studies
Dunn, Thomas1783Communication Studies
Elkins, Evan1783Communication Studies
Faw, Meara1783Communication Studies
Gibson, Katie1783Communication Studies
Hughes, Kit1783Communication Studies
Indermaur, Katherine1783Communication Studies
Knobloch, Katherine1783Communication Studies
Light, Ellie1783Communication Studies
Long, Ziyu1783Communication Studies
Marx, Nick1783Communication Studies
Seymour, Beth1783Communication Studies
Solbrig, Azumi1783Communication Studies
Wagner-Kinyon, Eliza1783Communication Studies
Williams, Elizabeth1783Communication Studies
Rodriguez, Colleen150Community Affairs and Engagement
Wright, Jennifer150Community Affairs and Engagement
Butler, Charles1277Computer Information Systems
Chen, Adela1277Computer Information Systems
Clark, Jon1277Computer Information Systems
Hayne, Stephen1277Computer Information Systems
Hoxmeier, John1277Computer Information Systems
Roberts, Nick1277Computer Information Systems
Scarpa, Cynthia1277Computer Information Systems
Turk, Dan1277Computer Information Systems
Vijayasarathy, Leo1277Computer Information Systems
Anderson, Charles1873Computer Science
Ben-Hur, Asa1873Computer Science
Beveridge, Ross1873Computer Science
Blanchard, Nathaniel1873Computer Science
Davies, Ewan1873Computer Science
Draper, Bruce1873Computer Science
Ghosh, Sudipto1873Computer Science
Hewitt, Bess1873Computer Science
Krishnaswamy, Nikhil1873Computer Science
McClurg, Jedidiah1873Computer Science
Ortega, Francisco1873Computer Science
Pallickara, Sangmi1873Computer Science
Pallickara, Shrideep1873Computer Science
Partridge, Craig1873Computer Science
Pouchet, Louisnoel1873Computer Science
Prabhu, Vinayak1873Computer Science
Rajopadhye, Sanjay1873Computer Science
Ray, Indrajit1873Computer Science
Ray, Indrakshi1873Computer Science
Sreedharan, Sarath1873Computer Science
Stevenson, Wendy1873Computer Science
Trzyna, Wayne1873Computer Science
Whitley, L1873Computer Science
Malaiya, Yashwant1873Computer Science
Sanchez, Sandra1873Computer Science
Boren, Calvin8037Conference & Event Services
Gleason, Lauren8037Conference & Event Services
Hufford, Candace8037Conference & Event Services
Linnell, Shaelyn8037Conference & Event Services
McGinty, Tess8037Conference & Event Services
Roper, Ashley8037Conference & Event Services
McFarland, Kelly7112Constituent and Gift Information
Brown, Brett1584Construction Management
Fontana, Anna1584Construction Management
Glick, Scott1584Construction Management
Goodrum, Paul1584Construction Management
Haller, Kristin1584Construction Management
Harper, Chris1584Construction Management
Olbina, Svetlana1584Construction Management
Ozbek, Mehmet1584Construction Management
Rice, Heather1584Construction Management
Senior, Bolivar1584Construction Management
Valdes Vasquez, Rodolfo1584Construction Management
Valdes, Rodolfo1584Construction Management
Wilkes, Jeff1584Construction Management
Elliott, Jon1584Construction Management
DeLeon, Marilu1040Continuing Education - Administration
Hooten, Mevin1484Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research
Kendall, Bill1484Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research
Winkelman, Dana1484Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research
Atrash, Dmitri1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Back, Amanda1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Barrett, Linn1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Beck, Jeff1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Bikos, Dan1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Boone, Austin1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Brandeberry, Robin1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Brummer, Renate1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Burks, Jason1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Burzynski, Amy1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Chirokova, Galina1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Combs, Cynthia1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Connell, Bernadette1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Crockett, John1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Cronk, Heather1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
DeMaria, Mark1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Dostalek, John1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Fletcher, Steven1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Flynt, Bryan1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Fooks, Jacob1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Fritz, Megan1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Grasso, Lewis1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Hagerty, Venita1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Hand, Jennifer1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Haynes, John1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Herbst Tessmer, Robyn1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Jones, Andrew1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Kessler, Beth1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Kidder, Stan1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Knutson, Holli1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Lin, Haidao1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Lin, Liaofan1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Lipschutz, Robert1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
MacDermaid, Christopher1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Manross, Kevin1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
McClure, Shawn1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
McGinnis, Ian1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
McGrath, Kevin1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Musgrave, Kate1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Nagdimunov, Lev1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Niznik, Mattie1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Noh, Yoo-Jeong1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Partain, Philip1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Peevey, Tanya1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Raab, Jennifer1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Reinke, Donald1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Rogers, Matt1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Rosenberg, Duane1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Schuknecht, Bryan1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Schumacher, Andrea1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Seaman, Curtis1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Sliwinski, Timothy1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Solbrig, Jeremy1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Strong, Bonny1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Terborg, Amanda1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Tourville, Natalie1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Trogdon, Taylor1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Uden, Dana1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Wagner, Geoff1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Wong, Ka Yee1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Zupanski, Milija1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
O'Dell, Christopher1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Searight, Keith1375Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA) - Boulder
Bennett, Kristine2026CSU Energy Institute
Bosch, Lynsey2026CSU Energy Institute
Hartzell, Wendy1070CSU Energy Institute
Hybiak, Eva2026CSU Energy Institute
Laughery, Kate2026CSU Energy Institute
Laughery, Katherine1070CSU Energy Institute
McInnis-Efaw, Mary2026CSU Energy Institute
Parks, Juleen2026CSU Energy Institute
Vidmar, Ellis4040CSU Extension - Administration
Hershfeldt, Lakesha4020CSU Extension - Eastern Region
Hollister, Trent4020CSU Extension - Eastern Region
Baker, Dina4010CSU Extension - Front Range Region
Fradkin, Dawn4010CSU Extension - Front Range Region
Frederick, Renee4010CSU Extension - Front Range Region
Gharbi, Karim4010CSU Extension - Front Range Region
Green, Emily4010CSU Extension - Front Range Region
Linfield, Allisa4010CSU Extension - Front Range Region
Weiner, Cary4010CSU Extension - Front Range Region
Senator, Leah4025CSU Extension - Mountain Region
Brown, Larry4015CSU Extension - Southern Region
Matthew, Brooke4015CSU Extension - Southern Region
Bricker, Melina4030CSU Extension - Western Region
Clark, Nicole4030CSU Extension - Western Region
Mucklow, CJ4040CSU Extension- Administration
Card, Adrian4044CSU Extension- Programs
Davidson, Deryn4044CSU Extension- Programs
Dunker, Katie4044CSU Extension- Programs
Schmitt, Patti4044CSU Extension- Programs
Schneider, Sue4044CSU Extension- programs
Hilgert, Christopher4044CSU Extension-Programs
Woerner, Barbara4044CSU Extension-Programs
O'Neill, CheriCSU Foundation
Janero, Jaclyn1040CSU Online Degrees
Jersin Woods, Christy1040CSU Online Degrees
Murao, Ramon1040CSU Online Degrees
Pettner, Claire1040CSU Online Degrees
Shugarts, Lisa1040CSU Online Degrees
Crews, Tommy6023CSU Police Department
Johnson, Franke6023CSU Police Department
Luedtke, Christie6023CSU Police Department
Love, Shelby1041CSU Professional Education
Lang, JillianCSU Research Foundation
Menon, AjayCSU Research Foundation
Frank, Jenny1CSU System
Geary, Melanie1CSU System
Hittle, Jocelyn1CSU System
Haase, Christine1601CVMBS
Brown, Kristen1601CVMBS College Office
Bustos, Kelsey1601CVMBS College Office
Conrad, Christy1601CVMBS College Office
Cox, Jessica1601CVMBS College Office
Davis, Pony1601CVMBS College Office
Ducoff, Mark1601CVMBS College Office
Festervand, Shevaun1601CVMBS College Office
Frey, Danielle1601CVMBS College Office
Glitzke, Michael1601CVMBS College Office
Haase, Chris1601CVMBS College Office
Hein, Melissa1601CVMBS College Office
Ingle, Wade1601CVMBS College Office
Janke, Janet1601CVMBS College Office
Jiang, Wenjing1601CVMBS College Office
John, Gilbert1601CVMBS College Office
Kaempfe, Bob1601CVMBS College Office
Kemp, Pamela1601CVMBS College Office
Marcus, Adrienne1601CVMBS College Office
Mercurio, Erin1601CVMBS College Office
Nishi, Naomi1601CVMBS College Office
Oke, Aimee1601CVMBS College Office
Smith, Megan1601CVMBS College Office
Stocking, Jon1601CVMBS College Office
Strecker, Joe1601CVMBS College Office
Vandewoude, Sue1601CVMBS College Office
Weatherford, Geoff1601CVMBS College Office
West, Andrew1601CVMBS College Office
Frierson, Angela1601CVMBS College Office
Moreno, Kristy1601CVMBS College Office
Napier, Erin1601CVMBS College Office
Reed, Kacie1601CVMBS College Office
Blackwill, Kayla1010Cybersecurity and Privacy
Campain, Zach1010Cybersecurity and Privacy
Charkowski, Ron1010Cybersecurity and Privacy
Lovaas, Steven1010Cybersecurity and Privacy
Miotke, Randy1010Cybersecurity and Privacy
Robinson, Sarah1010Cybersecurity and Privacy
Vogl, Greg1010Cybersecurity and Privacy
Bautista, Desiree1040Department of IT Relations
Allen, Kendra1574Design and Merchandising
Beard, Doreen1574Design and Merchandising
Hyllegard, Karen1574Design and Merchandising
Malinin, Laura1574Design and Merchandising
Miller, Nancy1574Design and Merchandising
Morris, Kristen1574Design and Merchandising
Ogle, Jen1574Design and Merchandising
Osborne, Megan1574Design and Merchandising
Scolere, Leah1574Design and Merchandising
Yan, Ruoh-Nan1574Design and Merchandising
Andrews, Peter8030Dining Services - Lory Student Center
Gibbins, Sonja8030Dining Services - Lory Student Center
Blumhardt, Kim1059Division of Information Technology
Akey, Joy4020Eastern Region
Kaan, Dennis4020Eastern Region
Kailey, Brian4020Eastern Region
Seelhoff, Katie4020Eastern Region
Stephen, McKayla4020Eastern Region
Stinnett, Scott4020Eastern Region
Bernasek, Alexandra1771Economics
Braunstein, Elissa1771Economics
Cutler, Harvey1771Economics
Jianakoplos, Nancy1771Economics
Kling, Robert1771Economics
Komarek, Tim1771Economics
Lee, Becca1771Economics
Miller, Ray1771Economics
Mushinski, David1771Economics
Pena, Anita1771Economics
Shulman, Steven1771Economics
Tavani, Daniele1771Economics
Vasudevan, Ramaa1771Economics
Weiler, Stephan1771Economics
Aldridge, Cameron1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Binkley, Dan1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Boone, Randall1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Conant, Richard1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Fassnacht, Steven1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Galloway, Paula1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Hall, Ed1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Hibbard, Lauren1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Kampf, Stephanie1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Klein, Julia1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Laituri, Melinda1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Mueller, Nathan1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Ogle, Stephen1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Reid, Robin1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Rocca, Monique1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Ross, Matthew1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Steele, B1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Willi, Katie1476Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Warnock, Andrew1802Education & Outreach Center
Cadena, Michelle8017El Centro
Frias, Dora8017El Centro
Azimi-Sadjadi, Mahmood1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bailey, Brandon1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bartels, Randy1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chen, Thomas1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ebert-Uphoff, Imme1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jayasumana, Anura1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lear, Kevin1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Maciejewski, Tony1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Menoni, Carmen1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nikdast, Mahdi1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Notaros, Branislav1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Pasricha, Sudeep1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Reising, Steven1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Stewart-Sweeney, Kathrya1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Young, Peter1373Electrical and Computer Engineering
Shore, Ali1083Engagement and Extension Finance
Cunningham, b1086Engagement and Extension Info Tech
Easton, Rob1086Engagement and Extension Info Tech
Patterson, Danielle1084Engagement and Extension Learning Prod
Young, Maureen1084Engagement and Extension Learning Prod
Broz, Alex1088Engagement and Extension MarComms
McLean, Conor1088Engagement and Extension MarComms
Johnson, Inger1043Engagement and Extension Regional Campuses
Bauder, Joy4045Engagement and Extension Youth Development
Lowry, Sam4045Engagement and Extension Youth Development
Sholten, Lisa4045Engagement and Extension Youth Development
Swaford, Toby4045Engagement and Extension Youth Development
Altschul, Andrew1773English
Beachy-Quick, Dan1773English
Becker, Leslee1773English
Brinks, Ellen1773English
Calderazzo, John1773English
Campbell, Sue Ellen1773English
Carter, Genesea1773English
Claycomb, Ryan1773English
Cooperman, Matthew1773English
Dargon, Sheila1773English
Delahunty, Gerry1773English
Doe, Sue1773English
Doenges, Judy1773English
Ehlers-Zavala, Fabiola1773English
Flahive, Doug1773English
Fletcher, Harrison1773English
Ginsberg, Ricki1773English
Gollapudi, Aparna1773English
G'Schwind, Stephanie1773English
Hentschell, Roze1773English
Hutchins, Zach1773English
Jacobi, Tobi1773English
Kiefer, Kate1773English
Langstraat, Lisa1773English
Marvin, William1773English
Milofsky, David1773English
Mitchell, Todd1773English
Nekrasova-Beker, Tatiana1773English
Odonnell-Allen, Cindy1773English
Palmquist, Mike1773English
Reid, Louann1773English
Reid, Stephen1773English
Sanger, Mary Ellen1773English
Schwartz, Steven1773English
Sebek, Barbara1773English
Sloane, Sarah1773English
Sorensen, Leif1773English
Steensen, Sasha1773English
Thompson, Debby1773English
Trembath, Paul1773English
Zamora, Felicia1773English
Bond, Laurel1037English - INTO CSU
Cowell, Pattie1037English - INTO CSU
Hollis, Megan1037English - INTO CSU
Pierro, Evelyn1037English - INTO CSU
Schillo, John1037English - INTO CSU
Sowell, Jordan1037English - INTO CSU
Asmus, Angie1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Cizek, James1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Gargan, Kathy1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Albertson, Matthew Paul1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Baily, Scott1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Chang, Libby1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Clark, Josh1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Ganapavarapu, Vinaya1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Gargan, Kathleen1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Gillen, Michael1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Gregory, Andy1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Huitt, Jason1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Jalal, Rami1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Juarez, Steve1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Page, Brian1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Ramsey, Candace1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Walker, Steven Allen1020Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
Anderson, Brooke1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Archibeque, Courtney1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Bailey, Susan1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Barnes, Casey1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Barrett, Myra1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Blehm, Kenneth1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Boss, Keara1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Brazile, William1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Clark, Maggie1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Elf, Jessica1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Forrester, John1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Gilkey, David1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Gress, Greg1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Heiderscheidt, Judy1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Jensen, Lonna1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Johnson, Thomas1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Kraft, Susan1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
LaRue, Susan1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Legare, Marie1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Luna, Bevin1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Magzamen, Sheryl1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Marolf, Angela1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Martin, Tiffany1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Montrose, Luke1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Morris, Monica1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Neophytou, Andreas1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Ohlendorf, Alex1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Peel, Jennifer1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Radman, Audra1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Ramsdell, Howard1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Randall, Elissa1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Reichert, Erin1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Reynolds, Stephen1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Richardson, Cody1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Rojas, David1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Rosecrance, John1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Runyan, Jean1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Ryan, Elizabeth1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Sargent, Layne1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Sexton, Cris1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Tjalkens, Ronald1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Troudt, JoLynn1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Weil, Michael1681Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Borchert, Andy6021Environmental Health Services
Graham, James K6021Environmental Health Services
Riess, Jeannine6021Environmental Health Services
Castaneda, Katherine160Equal Opportunity
Hinterberger, Brigid160Equal Opportunity
Rogers, Emily160Equal Opportunity
Smith, Crystal160Equal Opportunity
Chesneau, Claudia160Equal Opportunity
Wagner Lowe, Aleta160Equal Opportunity
Black, Ray1790Ethnic Studies
Bubar, Roe1790Ethnic Studies
DeMirjyn, Maricela1790Ethnic Studies
Kim, Joon1790Ethnic Studies
Sagas, Ernesto1790Ethnic Studies
Schneider, Lindsey1790Ethnic Studies
Vernon, Irene1790Ethnic Studies
Murray, Angelica1790Ethnic Studies
Souza, Caridad1790Ethnic Studies
Baatz, Lance1030Experience and Collaboration
Diekman, Greg1030Experience and Collaboration
Oglesby, Stephen1030Experience and Collaboration
Volesky, Joe1030Experience and Collaboration
Warren, Adam1030Experience and Collaboration
Wineman, Neil1030Experience and Collaboration
Macpherson, Melinda4047Extension Community Engagement
Adams, Terry6030Facilities Management
Carlstrom, Brady6030Facilities Management
Carroll, Michelle6030Facilities Management
Cumpsten, Jared6030Facilities Management
Dollard, Carol6030Facilities Management
Ellis, Gene6030Facilities Management
Flores, Steven6030Facilities Management
Gaston, Megan6030Facilities Management
Innes, Julia6030Facilities Management
Jaramillo, Erik6030Facilities Management
Kozlowski, Dan6030Facilities Management
Kramer, Jessica6030Facilities Management
Kulbeck, Zachary6030Facilities Management
Rees, Karin6030Facilities Management
Robledo, Jackie6030Facilities Management
Roth, Monica6030Facilities Management
Satterly, Tom6030Facilities Management
Sheahan, Denise6030Facilities Management
Sheahan, Sandy6030Facilities Management
Shortall, Mike6030Facilities Management
Tate, Michelle6030Facilities Management
Valdez, Jose6030Facilities Management
Willier, Barry6030Facilities Management
Bajtelsmit, Vickie1272Finance and Real Estate
Dossani, Asad1272Finance and Real Estate
Elder, John1272Finance and Real Estate
Gallagher, Tim1272Finance and Real Estate
Meneghetti, Costanza1272Finance and Real Estate
Miao, Hong1272Finance and Real Estate
Ryan, Patricia1272Finance and Real Estate
Sanning, Lee1272Finance and Real Estate
Schonlau, Rob1272Finance and Real Estate
Schwebach, Rob1272Finance and Real Estate
Skiba, Hilla1272Finance and Real Estate
Smith, Frank1272Finance and Real Estate
Switzer, Ralph1272Finance and Real Estate
Turtle, Harry1272Finance and Real Estate
Wang, Tianyang1272Finance and Real Estate
Alder, Jeremy1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Aubry, Lise1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Bailey, Larissa1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Benson, Del1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Bestgen, Kevin1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Clements, Will1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Crooks, Kevin1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Doherty, Paul1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Fausch, Kurt1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Goldstein, Liba1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Horton, Kyle1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Johnson, Brett1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Kanno, Yoichiro1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Koons, David1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Myrick, Chris1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Noon, Barry1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Preston, Dan1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Randall, Ann1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Stoner, Kathryn1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Wilson, Ken1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Wittemyer, George1474Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Baker, Susan1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
Callaway, Jeffrey1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
Cunningham-Sabo, Leslie1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
Gentile, Chris1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
Greeley, Steven1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
Kang, Soo1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
McDonnell, Brigid1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
Melby, Chris1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
Miller, Jeffrey1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
Sampson, Dave1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
Weir, Tiffany1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
Bunning, Marisa1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
Johnson, Sarah1571Food Science and Human Nutrition
Cheng, Tony1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Davis, Seth1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Ex, Seth1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Fernandez-Gimenez, Maria1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Grosse, Larry1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Hart, Sarah1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Hoffman, Chad1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Marshall, Tiara1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Mattson, Cassie1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Mola, John1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Morici, Kat1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Ocheltree, Troy1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Paschke, Mark1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Peterson, Courtney1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Previant, Wilfred1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Rideout, Doug1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Rumann, Camille Stevens1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Schultz, Courtney1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Stednick, John1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Stevens-Rumann, Camille1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Wei, Yu1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Wolk, Brett1472Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
DeBuse, Linda1644Fort Collins Diag Lab
Edmunds, David1644Fort Collins Diag Lab
Wangler, Tracy1644Fort Collins Diag Lab
Weller, Christina1644Fort Collins Diag Lab
Inman, Janice1644Fort Collins Diagnostic Lab
Kane, Tina1644Fort Collins Diagnostic Lab
Newman, Tannyr1644Fort Collins Diagnostic Lab
Peppard, Tom1644Fort Collins Diagnostic Lab
Reider, Heather1644Fort Collins Diagnostic Lab
Reimer, Sarah1644Fort Collins Diagnostic Lab
Sherman, Tyler1644Fort Collins Diagnostic Lab
Torres-Poche, Zaria1644Fort Collins Diagnostic Lab
Young, Michael1644Fort Collins Diagnostic Lab
Zander, Ian1644Fort Collins Diagnostic Lab
Auer, Lisa4010Front Range Region
Beckley, Sheila4010Front Range Region
Carter, Jeni4010Front Range Region
Carter, Susan4010Front Range Region
Caswell, Kat4010Front Range Region
Gains, Sheila4010Front Range Region
Goldhamer, Dan4010Front Range Region
Hammond, Eric4010Front Range Region
Hooker, Larry4010Front Range Region
Hurdelbrink, Julia4010Front Range Region
Larson, Laura4010Front Range Region
Nelson, Guinevere4010Front Range Region
O'Connor, Alison4010Front Range Region
Rollins, Kerri4010Front Range Region
Schweig, Sarah4010Front Range Region
Shonle, Irene4010Front Range Region
Swanbom, Hannah4010Front Range Region
Vrabec, Jonathan4010Front Range Region
McMaster, Lauren6General Counsel
Schutjer, Linda6General Counsel
Aster, Richard1482Geosciences
Curdts, Thom1482Geosciences
Hannah, Judith1482Geosciences
Harry, Dennis1482Geosciences
O'Meara, Stephanie1482Geosciences
Rathburn, Sara1482Geosciences
Ridley, John1482Geosciences
Rugenstein, Jeremy1482Geosciences
Sanford, Bill1482Geosciences
Schutt, Derek1482Geosciences
Sutton, Sally1482Geosciences
Wohl, Ellen1482Geosciences
Bigsby, Kendra1011Graduate Program in Public Health
Pasana, Christina1011Graduate Program in Public Health-SAU
Avalos, Ludy1005Graduate School
Grantham, Dustin1005Graduate School
Paolucci, Julie1005Graduate School
Quynn, Kristina1005Graduate School
Webb, Colleen1005Graduate School
DeWaele, Allison1005Graduate School
Ahmad, Hosam Aldeen8045HDS Administration
Ahmad, Hosam-Aldeen8045HDS Administration
Eisenhauer, Paula8045HDS Administration
Giles, Laura8045HDS Administration
Greenberg, Nancy8045HDS Administration
King, Anthony8045HDS Administration
Kukowski, Kayla8045HDS Administration
Liang, Mary8045HDS Administration
Mathews, Christie8045HDS Administration
Metzger, Teresa8045HDS Administration
Mosser, Amy8045HDS Administration
Oldham, Kyle8045HDS Administration
Strombom, Mari8045HDS Administration
Sweeton, Nick8045HDS Administration
Wieghaus, Marianne8045HDS Administration
Coburn, Jeff8047HDS Technology Services
Davis, William8047HDS Technology Services
Janssen, Scott8047HDS Technology Services
Rutherford, Shannon8047HDS Technology Services
Vigil, Shane8047HDS Technology Services
Anderson, Spencer8047HDS Technology Services
Bell, Chris1582Health and Exercise Science
Biela, Laurie1582Health and Exercise Science
Boday, Tami1582Health and Exercise Science
Braun, Barry1582Health and Exercise Science
Broussard, Josiane1582Health and Exercise Science
Burke, Kimberly1582Health and Exercise Science
Butki, Brian1582Health and Exercise Science
Devoe, Dale1582Health and Exercise Science
DeYoung, Wendy1582Health and Exercise Science
Dinenno, Frank1582Health and Exercise Science
Donovan, Ryan1582Health and Exercise Science
Fling, Brett1582Health and Exercise Science
Gutilla, Molly1582Health and Exercise Science
Hamilton, Karyn1582Health and Exercise Science
Knutson, Stacie1582Health and Exercise Science
Leach, Heather1582Health and Exercise Science
Lipsey, Tiffany1582Health and Exercise Science
Reiser, Raoul1582Health and Exercise Science
Tracy, Brian1582Health and Exercise Science
Bowden, Helen8010Health Network Counseling
Brandsma, Jennifer8010Health Network Counseling
Charbonneau, Jessie8010Health Network Counseling
Eichel, Karen8010Health Network Counseling
Faris, Michele8010Health Network Counseling
Hosoi, Aki8010Health Network Counseling
Hurd Terpstra, Cyndi8010Health Network Counseling
Laahs, Ginny8010Health Network Counseling
Leck, Christopher8010Health Network Counseling
McCracken, Pam8010Health Network Counseling
Okiyama, Stephen8010Health Network Counseling
Pia, Ariana8010Health Network Counseling
Ramsey, Maddie8010Health Network Counseling
Sargent, Adam8010Health Network Counseling
Berg, Christina8031Health Network Medical
Bontadelli, Johnna8031Health Network Medical
Bunn, Lynne8031Health Network Medical
Chavez, Mike8031Health Network Medical
Dihle, Tina8031Health Network Medical
Earley, Beverly8031Health Network Medical
Elffner, Terri8031Health Network Medical
Epstein, Jesse8031Health Network Medical
Grisso, Jacoby8031Health Network Medical
Kates, Alisa8031Health Network Medical
Kelley, Joanna8031Health Network Medical
Latka, Marissa8031Health Network Medical
Lavolette, Scott8031Health Network Medical
Martin, Lyn8031Health Network Medical
Mawlawi, Barbara8031Health Network Medical
Morse, Emily8031Health Network Medical
Neal, James8031Health Network Medical
Ornelas, Amalia8031Health Network Medical
Patrias, Janelle8031Health Network Medical
Riggio, Brianna8031Health Network Medical
Roehrich, Tammy8031Health Network Medical
Schatte, Dawnelle8031Health Network Medical
Sieving, Gwen8031Health Network Medical
Smith, Bruce8031Health Network Medical
Truex, Michelle8031Health Network Medical
Tynan, Abby8031Health Network Medical
Waller, Kathlene8031Health Network Medical
Webb, Christine8031Health Network Medical
Whitesell, Julie8031Health Network Medical
Young, Malynda8031Health Network Medical
Zamora, Brie8031Health Network Medical
Ephraimson-Abt, Vivian8031Health Network Medical
Zee, Stephanie8031Health Network Medical
Alexander, Ruth1776History
Carr Childers, Leisl1776History
Didier, John1776History
Gudmestad, Robert1776History
Jones, Elizabeth1776History
Lindsay, Jim1776History
Little, Ann1776History
Long, James1776History
Margolf, Diane1776History
Orsi, Jared1776History
Payne, Sarah1776History
Rock, Ken1776History
Sunseri, Thaddeus1776History
Yarrington, Doug1776History
Yarrington, Douglas1776History
Burton, Diane1025Honors Program
Nichols, Melanie1025Honors Program
Bauerle, Bill1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Burcham, Daniel1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Chaparro, Jacqueline1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Chitwood-Brown, Jessica1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Curl, Kelly1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Goetz, Brad1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Gu, Mengmeng1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Heuberger, Adam1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Hughes, Harrison1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Isaacson, Katherine1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Johnson, Zachary1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Klett, James1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Koski, Anthony1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Koski, Ronda1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Miller, Chad1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Minas, Ioannis1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Newman, Steve1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Paulson, Merlyn1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Prenni, Jessica1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Qian, Yaling1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Rhodes, Davina1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Smith, Tracy1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Thompson, Henry1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Uchanski, Mark1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Vivanco, Jorge1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Wallner, Barb1173Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Agne, Tami8046Housing and Dining Facilities
Bell, Carolyn8046Housing and Dining Facilities
Dunphy, Katie8046Housing and Dining Facilities
Mikulewicz, Aaron8046Housing and Dining Facilities
Reed, Nicole8046Housing and Dining Facilities
Rutt, Debbie8046Housing and Dining Facilities
Todd, Perry8046Housing and Dining Facilities
Aichele, Stephen1570Human Development and Family Studies
Barrett, Karen1570Human Development and Family Studies
Bielak, Allison1570Human Development and Family Studies
Biringen, Zeynep1570Human Development and Family Studies
Daunhauer, Lisa1570Human Development and Family Studies
Diehl, Manfred1570Human Development and Family Studies
Ditter, Katie1570Human Development and Family Studies
Fidler, Debbie1570Human Development and Family Studies
Fruhauf, Christine1570Human Development and Family Studies
Geyer, Sara1570Human Development and Family Studies
Haddock, Shelley1570Human Development and Family Studies
Harvey, Ashley1570Human Development and Family Studies
Krafchick, Jen1570Human Development and Family Studies
Lucas-Thompson, Rachel1570Human Development and Family Studies
Luong, Gloria1570Human Development and Family Studies
MacPhee, David1570Human Development and Family Studies
Naughton, Blake1570Human Development and Family Studies
Paltoo, Lucy1570Human Development and Family Studies
Rattenborg, Karen1570Human Development and Family Studies
Reznicek, Chad1570Human Development and Family Studies
Rieker, Julie1570Human Development and Family Studies
Riggs, Nathaniel1570Human Development and Family Studies
Semana, Sonia1570Human Development and Family Studies
Seng, Stephanie1570Human Development and Family Studies
Shomaker, Lauren1570Human Development and Family Studies
Zimmerman, Toni1570Human Development and Family Studies
Abdeljalil, Hiba1570Human Developmet and Family Studies
Bright, Alan1480Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Bruyere, Brett1480Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Gavin, Michael1480Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Hasan, Jacqie1480Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Knight, Richard1480Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Lavoie, Anna1480Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Manfredo, Michael1480Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Metcalf, Dawson1480Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Metzger, Kathryn1480Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Salerno, Jon1480Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Teel, Tara1480Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Xiong, Lina1480Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Blessinger, Sarah6004Human Recources
Carpenter, Kinda6004Human Recources
Boschman, Therese6004Human Resources
Chavez, Emma6004Human Resources
Cummings, Nick6004Human Resources
Fergus, Robyn6004Human Resources
Guy, Amy6004Human Resources
Hutton, Tracy6004Human Resources
Morgan, Melissa6004Human Resources
Phillips, Brittny6004Human Resources
Ray, Eric6004Human Resources
Suhr, Teri6004Human Resources
Carpenter, Howie2025Infectious Disease Research Center
Ellinghuysen, Joanna2025Infectious Disease Research Center
Flatt, Jordan2025Infectious Disease Research Center
Goodrich, Raymond2025Infectious Disease Research Center
Heaslip, Darragh2025Infectious Disease Research Center
Horensky, Debra2025Infectious Disease Research Center
Kruh-Garcia, Nicole2025Infectious Disease Research Center
Miller, Amber2025Infectious Disease Research Center
Shanley, Crystal2025Infectious Disease Research Center
Szlosek, Kaitlyn2025Infectious Disease Research Center
Wyckoff, John2025Infectious Disease Research Center
Baker, Shawn1029Information Systems
Allen, Louise1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Buchan, Tonya1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Clark, Stacey1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Colbert, Debi1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Connor, Peter1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Falkenberg, Karen1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Geanious, Christopher1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Guzman, Ricky1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Houser, Barb1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
LeMahieu, Rebekah1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Little, Katy1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Maynard, Barbara1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Ngai, Courtney1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Penfield, Allison1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Swanson, Mary1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Todd, Jennifer1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Brown, Joseph1052Institute for Learning & Teaching
Keyel, Jake1730Institute for Research in Social Sciences
Lahoff, Rachel1730Institute for Research in Social Sciences
Dunbar, Brian1590Institute for the Built Environment
Martin, Tamara1590Institute for the Built Environment
Jensen, Laura1004Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness
Koss, Tyson1004Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness
Laverentz, Lindsey1004Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness
Novak, Heather1004Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness
Tyson, Lee1004Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness
Carey, Nicki19Internal Auditing
Dillon, Jim19Internal Auditing
Hartman, Robb19Internal Auditing
Riley, Amber19Internal Auditing
Serrano, Susy19Internal Auditing
Sheahan, Jennifer19Internal Auditing
Beers, Stephanie1024International Programs
Borngrebe, Lynn1024International Programs
Boyd, Alan1024International Programs
Breen, Rochelle1024International Programs
Cheng, Ying1024International Programs
Clayton, Tyler1024International Programs
Cole, Olivia1024International Programs
Collier, Paul1024International Programs
DeLuca, Shauna1024International Programs
Duggins, Nate1024International Programs
Eylar, Christy1024International Programs
Fairfax, Kathleen1024International Programs
Galliano, Diana1024International Programs
Hayward, Vanessa1024International Programs
Hildebrand, John1024International Programs
Hoseth, Chad1024International Programs
Jones, Aimee1024International Programs
Jurney, Nick1024International Programs
Keller, Danielle1024International Programs
Killburg, Emily1024International Programs
Kita, Kim1024International Programs
Lane, Zoelle1024International Programs
Nohe, Kevin1024International Programs
Pappas, Lisa1024International Programs
Pawloski, Nicole1024International Programs
Samar, Amy1024International Programs
Schaller, Marie1024International Programs
Shingler, Emily1024International Programs
Smallwood, Derek1024International Programs
Smith, Trecia1024International Programs
Snodgress, Christopher1024International Programs
Verhulst, Stene1024International Programs
Watts, Bronwen1024International Programs
Wymer, Greg1024International Programs
Abrams, Katie1785Journalism & Media Communication
Anderson, Ashley1785Journalism & Media Communication
Arthur, Tori1785Journalism & Media Communication
Champ, Joe1785Journalism & Media Communication
Christen, Cindy1785Journalism & Media Communication
Cotner, Dakota1785Journalism & Media Communication
Hallahan, Kirk1785Journalism & Media Communication
Humphrey, Mike1785Journalism & Media Communication
Kodrich, Kris1785Journalism & Media Communication
Long, Marilee1785Journalism & Media Communication
Martey, Rosa1785Journalism & Media Communication
McFarlane, Zachary1785Journalism & Media Communication
O'Keefe, Garrett1785Journalism & Media Communication
Rouner, Donna1785Journalism & Media Communication
Seel, Pete1785Journalism & Media Communication
Sivakumar, Gaya1785Journalism & Media Communication
Switzer, Jamie1785Journalism & Media Communication
Kim, Jangyul1785Journalism and Media Communication
Adams, Michelle2007Laboratory Animal Resources
Ayers, Jessica2007Laboratory Animal Resources
Bruner, Kate2007Laboratory Animal Resources
Carter, Sheryl2007Laboratory Animal Resources
Collins, Diana2007Laboratory Animal Resources
Creighton, Ashley2007Laboratory Animal Resources
Hale, Leah2007Laboratory Animal Resources
Kendall, Lon2007Laboratory Animal Resources
Miller, Skyler2007Laboratory Animal Resources
Ostmeyer, Denise2007Laboratory Animal Resources
Owiny, James2007Laboratory Animal Resources
Trumble, Janel2007Laboratory Animal Resources
Bodine, Jay1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Carlyon, Jonathan1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Correa, Maite1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Erickson, Peter1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Grim, Frederique1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Lopez-Cabrales, Maria1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Pedros-Gascon, Antonio1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Purdy, Andrea1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Seitz, Deanne1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Steele, Chisato1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Suarez Garcia, Jose1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Valerio, Fernando1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Valerio-Holguin, Fernando1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Velazquez-Castillo, Maura1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Wilcox, Frankie1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Xu, Jun1774Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Baechle, Alyssa1019Library
Baer, Helen1019Library
Boice, Jocelyn1019Library
Brown-Sica, Margaret "Meg"1019Library
Claffey, Emily1019Library
Dickerson, William Steven1019Library
Estlund, Karen1019Library
Ferri, Anna1019Library
Greene, Aaron1019Library
Gustison, Barb1019Library
Heisser-Miller, Randyn1019Library
Herring, Soojeong1019Library
Hoseth, Amy1019Library
Houlihan, Meggan1019Library
Hunter, Nancy1019Library
Latham, Monica1019Library
Laurent Tracy, Stephanie1019Library
Linn, Sophia1019Library
Meldrum, Publina1019Library
Meyer, Linda M.1019Library
Nowak, Kristy1019Library
Oling, Lori1019Library
Paschal, Dawn1019Library
Pawliuk, Christine1019Library
Ramer, Rachelle1019Library
Rettig, Patricia1019Library
Robinson, Olivia1019Library
Sagas, Jimena1019Library
Seaman, Mary1019Library
Sedlins, Mara1019Library
Shelstad, Mark1019Library
Sica, Rob1019Library
Thomas, Khaleedah1019Library
Watson, Renae1019Library
White, Suzanne1019Library
Wiebensohn, Scott1019Library
Wilde, Michelle1019Library
Zhou, Yongli1019Library
Zimmerman, Don1019Library
Zuniga, Heidi1019Library
Carter, Laura S.8033Lory Student Center
Cowley, Nancy8033Lory Student Center
Fisher, Jennifer8033Lory Student Center
Navratil, Rachel8033Lory Student Center
Norris, Pam8033Lory Student Center
Padron, Natalie8033Lory Student Center
Stuve, Tom8033Lory Student Center
Taylor, Amanda8033Lory Student Center
Tomasini, Stephanie8033Lory Student Center
Adams, Gayle8033Lory Student Center - Campus Activities
Ramoz, Amber8033Lory Student Center - Campus Activities
Sell, Lindsay8033Lory Student Center - Fraternity and Sorority Life
Hackett, Caitlyn8030LSC Dining Services
Hund, Caleb8030LSC Dining Services
Smith, Cami8030LSC Dining Services
Valdez, Geoffrey8030LSC Dining Services
Albert, Lumina1275Management
Deines, Burton1275Management
DeTienne, Dawn1275Management
Ganster, Daniel1275Management
Golicic, Susan1275Management
Gross, Michael1275Management
Henle, Chris1275Management
Hogler, Ray1275Management
Macdonald, John1275Management
Markman, Gideon1275Management
Mitchell, Rob1275Management
Morse, Jenny1275Management
Rogers, Zac1275Management
Sarason, Yolanda1275Management
Shore, Lynn1275Management
Vancil, Jennifer1275Management
Wernimont, Theresa1275Management
Berry, Chris1278Marketing
Blocker, Christopher1278Marketing
Cannon, Joseph1278Marketing
Gilliland, Dave1278Marketing
Hoffman, Doug1278Marketing
Ingram, Tom1278Marketing
Kelly, Kathleen1278Marketing
Lebsack, Kim1278Marketing
Martin, Kelly1278Marketing
Mitchell, L1278Marketing
Slejko, Gina1278Marketing
Zhang, Jonathan1278Marketing
Bend, Ron6025Marketing and Brand Management
Bennett, Happy6025Marketing and Brand Management
Garcia, Doug6025Marketing and Brand Management
Heintzelman, Jarad6025Marketing and Brand Management
Mendoza, Joe6025Marketing and Brand Management
Palmatory, Bonnie6025Marketing and Brand Management
Rymski, Joe6025Marketing and Brand Management
Sanders, Darin6025Marketing and Brand Management
Schroeder, Ashley6025Marketing and Brand Management
Stern, Kimberly6025Marketing and Brand Management
Achter, Jeff1874Mathematics
Bangerth, Wolfgang1874Mathematics
Benoit, Steve1874Mathematics
Betten, Anton1874Mathematics
Cavalieri, Renzo1874Mathematics
Dangelmayr, Gerhard1874Mathematics
Duflot, Jeanne1874Mathematics
Franklin, Christie1874Mathematics
Hulpke, Alexander1874Mathematics
King, Emily1874Mathematics
Kirby, Michael1874Mathematics
Liu, James1874Mathematics
Mueller, Jennifer1874Mathematics
Oprea, Iuliana1874Mathematics
Peterson, Chris1874Mathematics
Pries, Rachel1874Mathematics
Shipman, Patrick1874Mathematics
Zhou, Yongcheng1874Mathematics
Bandhauer, Todd1374Mechanical Engineering
Barth, Kurt1374Mechanical Engineering
Bechara, Samuel1374Mechanical Engineering
Bond, Tami1374Mechanical Engineering
Chishty, Wajid1374Mechanical Engineering
Dillard, Seth1374Mechanical Engineering
Fankell, Doug1374Mechanical Engineering
Gadomski, Ben1374Mechanical Engineering
Gao, Xinfeng1374Mechanical Engineering
Jathar, Shantanu1374Mechanical Engineering
Johnson, Steve1374Mechanical Engineering
Marchese, Anthony1374Mechanical Engineering
Markham, Matt1374Mechanical Engineering
McGilvray, Kirk1374Mechanical Engineering
Olsen, Dan1374Mechanical Engineering
Plese, Ellen1374Mechanical Engineering
Popat, Ketul1374Mechanical Engineering
Prawel, David1374Mechanical Engineering
Puttlitz, Christian1374Mechanical Engineering
Quinn, Jason1374Mechanical Engineering
Radford, Donald1374Mechanical Engineering
Sampath, Walajabad1374Mechanical Engineering
Schaeffer, Steven1374Mechanical Engineering
Stanslosk, Mitchell1374Mechanical Engineering
Stansloski, Mitchell1374Mechanical Engineering
Thorsett-Hill, Karen1374Mechanical Engineering
Tillotson, James1374Mechanical Engineering
Troxell, Wade1374Mechanical Engineering
Viney, Toni-Lee1374Mechanical Engineering
Weinberger, Chris1374Mechanical Engineering
Williams, John1374Mechanical Engineering
Willson, Bryan1374Mechanical Engineering
Windom, Bret1374Mechanical Engineering
Wise, Dan1374Mechanical Engineering
Yalin, Azer1374Mechanical Engineering
Zhao, Jianguo1374Mechanical Engineering
Volckens, John1374Mechanical Engineering
Abdo, Zaid1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Aboellail, Tawfik1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Akkina, Ramesh1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Avery, Anne1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Avery, Paul1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Ballard, Madi1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Basaraba, Randall1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Belisle, John1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Borlee, Bradley1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Brennan, Patrick1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Caldwell, Valerie1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Crick, Dean1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Daniels, Josh1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Dean, Gregg1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Dobos, Karen1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Dossey, Jeremy1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Duncan, Colleen1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Ebel, Greg1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Foy, Brian1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Frank, Chad1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Garriott, Lexi1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Geiss, Brian1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Gentry-Weeks, Claudia1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Gonzalez-Juarrero, Mercedes1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Henao-Tamayo, Marcela1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Hoover, Edward1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Hyatt, Doreene1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Jones, Lesley1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Kasongo, Gift1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Kelp, Nicole1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Lindstadt, Corrine1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Lopez, Madelein1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
MacNeill, Amy1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Mason, Gary1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Mathiason, Candace1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Mayo, Christie1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
McGrew, Ashley1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
McLean, Jennifer1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Mehaffy, Carolina1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Miskulin, Kelsey1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Moore, Russell1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Niles, Gene1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Olson, Kenneth1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Olver, Christine1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Pabilonia, Kristy1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Podell, Brendan1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Popichak, Katriana1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Quackenbush, Sandra1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Robertson, Gregory1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Rout, Emily1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Schlobohm, Kari1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Spencer, John1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Staudenmaier, Rebecca1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Stenglein, Mark1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Szalai, Edit1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Trentlage, Becky1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Vap, Linda1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Walck, Raye1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Watson, Allison1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Wilusz, Jeff1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Wise, Kelilah1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Yoshimoto, Janna1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Yusuf, Maria1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Zabel, Mark1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Reed, Kirsten1682Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Cooper, Elliot1032Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Neurosciences
Webb, Seth8044Mountain Campus
Aurin, Aleigh4025Mountain Region
Cook, Jennifer4025Mountain Region
Garnett, Barbie4025Mountain Region
Jones, Kurt4025Mountain Region
Platten, Mark4025Mountain Region
Wentworth, Glenda4025Mountain Region
Flores, Ruben4025Mountian Region
Smith, Ty8013Native American Cultural Center
Ackein, Lauren1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Bova, David1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Bova, David Edwards1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Boyack, Ty1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Coolidge, Jake1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Deike, Rita1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Diethorn, Brian1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Goodmann, Julie1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Hartman, Melannie1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Heinrichs, Julie1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Janson, George1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Kuroiwa, Christina1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Lutz, Susan1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
MacDonald, Lee1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
McAndrew, James1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Nagle, Haley1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Ojima, Dennis1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Olson, Becky1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Romme, Bill1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Simpson, Rodney1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Straube, Jonathan1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Vogeler, Jody1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Young, Nicholas1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Zhang, Yao1499Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Bundy, Anita1573Occupational Therapy
Davies, Patti1573Occupational Therapy
Eakman, Aaron1573Occupational Therapy
Graham, James E1573Occupational Therapy
Herman, Alison1573Occupational Therapy
Kothe, Julia1573Occupational Therapy
Lane, Shelly1573Occupational Therapy
Persch, Andrew1573Occupational Therapy
Persch, Andy1573Occupational Therapy
Roll, Marla1573Occupational Therapy
Schmid, Arlene1573Occupational Therapy
Schoessow, Kim1573Occupational Therapy
Seidle, Julie1573Occupational Therapy
Mason, Lindsay8012Off-Campus Life
Rhodes, Nancy8012Off-Campus Life
Schwendeman-Curtis, Justin8012Off-Campus Life
Nielsen, Angela6040Office of Budgets
Thorland, Jennifer6040Office of Budgets
Bennett, Katrina1065Office of Financial Aid
Cummins, Jeffrey1065Office of Financial Aid
Donlay, Joe1065Office of Financial Aid
Gregory, Aja1065Office of Financial Aid
Manzellla, Tyler1065Office of Financial Aid
Marin, Kristi1065Office of Financial Aid
Martin, Corey1065Office of Financial Aid
Martinez, Sylvia1065Office of Financial Aid
Mills, William1065Office of Financial Aid
Pawlak, Adrina1065Office of Financial Aid
Reynolds, Elizabeth1065Office of Financial Aid
Spritzer, Tara1065Office of Financial Aid
White, Karri1065Office of Financial Aid
Winchell, Kevin1065Office of Financial Aid
Blair, Heather2027Office of Research Collab and Compliance
Johnson, Christine2027Office of Research Collab and Compliance
Marlenee, Nicole 2027Office of Research Collab and Compliance
Hunter, Jessica2012One Health Institute
Kvasnicka, Teya2012One Health Institute
Mascolino, Robyn2012One Health Institute
Conrad, Courtney8011Orientation and Transition Programs
Fortney, Andrea8011Orientation and Transition Programs
Gilmore, Rebecca8011Orientation and Transition Programs
Holcomb, Jonathan8011Orientation and Transition Programs
Lopez, Keith8011Orientation and Transition Programs
Salinas, Charlotte8011Orientation and Transition Programs
Sterling, Colette8011Orientation and Transition Programs
Wenzler, Kerry8011Orientation and Transition Programs
Braswell, Julie1082Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Anderson, Adam6012Parking & Transportation Services
Benti, Erika6012Parking & Transportation Services
Gaskill, Jamie6012Parking & Transportation Services
Race, Katie6012Parking & Transportation Services
Zakis, Stephanie6012Parking & Transportation Services
Cafaro, Philip1781Philosophy
Harris, Eirik1781Philosophy
Kasser, Jeff1781Philosophy
Kneller, Jane1781Philosophy
Losonsky, Michael1781Philosophy
Mackenzie, Matthew1781Philosophy
McGoldrick, Mac1781Philosophy
McKee, Pat1781Philosophy
McShane, Katie1781Philosophy
Rollin, Bernie1781Philosophy
Romagni, Domenica1781Philosophy
Shockley, Ken1781Philosophy
Tropman, Beth1781Philosophy
Tucker, Dustin1781Philosophy
Berger, Joshua1875Physics
Bradley, Richard1875Physics
Buchanan, Kristen1875Physics
Buchanan, Norm1875Physics
Chen, Hua1875Physics
Fairbank, William1875Physics
Gehrlein, Julia1875Physics
Gelfand, Martin1875Physics
Harton, John1875Physics
Jones, Brian1875Physics
Krueger, David1875Physics
Lee, Siu Au1875Physics
Leisure, Robert1875Physics
Lundeen, Steve1875Physics
Mooney, Michael1875Physics
Patton, Carl1875Physics
Pearlstein, Adam1875Physics
Roberts, Jake1875Physics
Ross, Kate1875Physics
Sites, James1875Physics
Toki, Walter1875Physics
Wilson, Robert1875Physics
Wu, Mingzhong1875Physics
Yost, Dylan1875Physics
Brenner, Tammy3030Plant Growth Facilities
Cavdar, Gamze1782Political Science
Daum, Courtenay1782Political Science
Davis, Charles1782Political Science
Davis, Sandra1782Political Science
Duffy, Bob1782Political Science
Harris, Peter1782Political Science
MacDonald, Bradley1782Political Science
Moore, Scott1782Political Science
Mumme, Steve1782Political Science
Saunders, Kyle1782Political Science
Scott, Ryan1782Political Science
Stevis, Dimitris1782Political Science
Straayer, John1782Political Science
Lewis, Emily100Presidents Office
Bimper, Albert100President's Office
Shrake, Scott100President's Office
Beavers, Jenelle100President's Office
Johnson, Lynn100President's Office
Miranda, Rick100President's Office
Hendrickson, Maggie8028Pride Resource Center
Armentrout, Alicia6010Procurement Services
Bustamante, Farrah6010Procurement Services
Frantz, James6010Procurement Services
Herndon, Alta6010Procurement Services
Meserve, Linda6010Procurement Services
Rainwater, Kellie6010Procurement Services
Smith, Greg6010Procurement Services
Stuart, Jeb6010Procurement Services
Bennett, Liz1001Provost/Executive Vice President
Allen, Emily1001Provost/Executive Vice President's Office
Bennet, Liz1001Provost/Executive Vice President's Office
Bush, Daniel1001Provost/Executive Vice President's Office
Cooney, James1001Provost/Executive Vice President's Office
Dawrs, Jen1001Provost/Executive Vice President's Office
Duffy, Andrea1001Provost/Executive Vice President's Office
Nerger, Jan1001Provost/Executive Vice President's Office
Zakely, Jim1001Provost/Executive Vice President's Office
Aloise-Young, Pat1876Psychology
Byrne, Zinta1876Psychology
Chavez, Ernest1876Psychology
Cleary, Anne1876Psychology
Clegg, Ben1876Psychology
Cleveland, Jeanette1876Psychology
Conner, Bradley1876Psychology
Davalos, Deana1876Psychology
DeLosh, Edward1876Psychology
Fisher, Gwen1876Psychology
Graham, Dan1876Psychology
Harman, Jennifer1876Psychology
Henry, Kimberly1876Psychology
Marquart, Bev1876Psychology
McLaren, Cassidy1876Psychology
Prince, Mark1876Psychology
Rhodes, Matthew1876Psychology
Richards, Tracy1876Psychology
Rickard, Kathy1876Psychology
Rojas, Don1876Psychology
Seger, Carol1876Psychology
Smith, Charles1876Psychology
Stallones, Lorann1876Psychology
Thomas, Michael1876Psychology
Viney, A. Wayne1876Psychology
Witt, Jessica1876Psychology
Lujan, Neal8041RamCard Office
Becker, Jerry1063Registrar
Behrmann, Todd1063Registrar
Boepple, Shannon1063Registrar
Davidson, Abby1063Registrar
Eckerdt, Mackenzie1063Registrar
Finnegan, Andrea1063Registrar
Frederick, Lois1063Registrar
Hill, Kesha1063Registrar
Murphy, Julia1063Registrar
Potter, Lisa1063Registrar
Risheill, Katie1063Registrar
Ryczek, Krystal1063Registrar
Smith, Tamara1063Registrar
Sykes, Katherine1063Registrar
Tobiassen-Baitinger, Dee1063Registrar
Bean, Heather1063Registrar
Bens, Catherine2011Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office
Callahan, Zachary2011Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office
Felton-Noyle, Tammy2011Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office
Webb, Tracy2011Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office
Denne, Chris2010Research Services
Wilson, Tyler2010Research Services
Hostetler, Joe8034Residential Dining
Masters, Krystal8034Residential Dining
Morrison, Kelly8034Residential Dining
Neener, Michael8034Residential Dining
Poore, Elizabeth8034Residential Dining
Scott, Jason8034Residential Dining
Kennedy, Jennifer8034Residential Dining
Miller, Lucas8034Residential Dining
Vanagunas, Lori8034Residential Dining
Badding, Sarah1595Richardson Design Center
Callahan, Paul1595Richardson Design Center
Alexander, Sally6002Risk Management and Insurance
Gonzales, Frank6002Risk Management and Insurance
Pratt, Joyce6002Risk Management and Insurance
Weigang, Kenda6002Risk Management and Insurance
Boehmer, Catie1081Salazar Center
Conover, Beth1081Salazar Center
ChikhAli, Mohamad3043San Luis Valley Research Center
Czarnecki, Zach3043San Luis Valley Research Center
Davidson, Rob3043San Luis Valley Research Center
Gray, Caroline3043San Luis Valley Research Center
Houser, Andrew3043San Luis Valley Research Center
Thompson, Tyler3043San Luis Valley Research Center
Yust, Sharon3043San Luis Valley Research Center
Beal, Brett1376School of Biomedical Engineering
Mattern, Sara1376School of Biomedical Engineering
Anderson, Sharon1588School of Education
Aragon, Antonette1588School of Education
Basile, Vincent1588School of Education
Becker, Susan1588School of Education
Birmingham, Daniel1588School of Education
Carlson, Laurie1588School of Education
Carroll, Barry1588School of Education
Chermack, Tom1588School of Education
Coffino, Kara1588School of Education
Dinise-Halter, Amy1588School of Education
Felix, Oscar1588School of Education
Folkestad, James1588School of Education
Frederiksen, Heidi1588School of Education
Freshwater, Scott1588School of Education
Gloeckner, Gene1588School of Education
Jennings, Louise1588School of Education
Kaiser, Leann1588School of Education
Kuk, Linda1588School of Education
Lynham, Sue1588School of Education
Makela, Carole1588School of Education
Mallette, Dawn1588School of Education
McKelfresh, Dave1588School of Education
Mercurio, Zach1588School of Education
Moulton, Matt1588School of Education
Munoz, Susana1588School of Education
Padilla, Moises1588School of Education
Propp, Heidi1588School of Education
Searle, Juliana1588School of Education
Sebald, Ann1588School of Education
Sisneros, Kathy1588School of Education
Timpson, Bill1588School of Education
Backlund, Peter1036School of Global Environmental Sustainability
Choury, Jarvis1036School of Global Environmental Sustainability
Wall, Diana1036School of Global Environmental Sustainability
Weller, Aleta1036School of Global Environmental Sustainability
Norton, Matt1036School of Global Environmental Sustainability-SAU
Apodaca, Denise1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Bacon, Joel1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Bellamy, Cayla1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Blake, Tiffany1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Chang, Chung-Fu1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Clary, Jennifer1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Ferreira, Wesley1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Francois, Ron1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Gavin, William1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Goble, Dan1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Grapes, Dawn1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Greenough, Forest1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Hanna, Roger1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Harvey, Madeline1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Hollenbeck, Eric1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Jacobi, Bonnie1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Johnson, Erik1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Johnston, Price1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Jones, Laura1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Jones, Walton1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Kenney, Wes1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Kim, James1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
LaGasse, Blythe1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Larson, Heidi1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
McGuire, John1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Metz, Paul1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Morgan, Emily1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Oliver, Murray1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Phillips, Rebecca1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Slusarski-Harris, Jane1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Sommer, Peter1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Stanley, Michelle1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Swindler, Wil1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Taylor, Jayme1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Workman, Steven1778School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Bright, Charlotte1586School of Social Work
Brown, Samantha1586School of Social Work
Choi, Eunhee1586School of Social Work
Cleeland, Leah1586School of Social Work
Drake, Morgan1586School of Social Work
Gaines, Dana1586School of Social Work
Gregg, Nicolle1586School of Social Work
Holmquist-Johnson, Helen1586School of Social Work
Hughes, Shannon1586School of Social Work
Kelly, Karmen1586School of Social Work
Lowe, Evan1586School of Social Work
Maycumber, Kelly1586School of Social Work
Tungate, Susan1586School of Social Work
Van Kalsbeek, Mindy1586School of Social Work
Williford, Anne1586School of Social Work
Winokur, Marc1586School of Social Work
Yoder, Jamie1586School of Social Work
Yuma, Paula1586School of Social Work
Zamzow, Marie1586School of Social Work
Walsh, Adam8027Semester at Sea Program
Cantwell, Allison1784Sociology
Carolan, Michael1784Sociology
Cross, Jeni1784Sociology
Hogan, Michael1784Sociology
Hogan, Mike1784Sociology
Malin, Stephanie1784Sociology
Mao, KuoRay1784Sociology
Murray, Doug1784Sociology
Opsal, Tara1784Sociology
Pinkston, Julie1784Sociology
Raynolds, Laura1784Sociology
Roberts, Anthony1784Sociology
Sbicca, Joshua1784Sociology
Taylor, Pete1784Sociology
Unnithan, N1784Sociology
Andales, Allan1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Barbarick, Ken1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Borch, Thomas1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Borton, Kayla1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Brick, Mark1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Brown, AJ1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Brown, Kevin1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Brummer, Joe1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Butters, Greg1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Byrne, Patrick1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Cotrufo, Francesca1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Daly, Reb1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Fonte, Steven1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Haley, Scott1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Ham, Jay1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Ippolito, Jim1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Johnson, Jerry1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Jones-Diamond, Sally1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Machmuller, Megan1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Mason, Esten1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Morris, Geoffrey1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Namuth-Covert, Deana1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Novak, Rick1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Paustian, Keith1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Roberts, Jeannie1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Schipanski, Meagan1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Sturm, Ashton1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Trujillo, Wilma1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Wallenstein, Matt1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Wardle, Erik1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Westfall, Dwayne1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Zelikova, Jane1170Soil and Crop Sciences
Fickenscher, Bruce4015Southern Region
Griffin, Laura4015Southern Region
Peters, Kim4015Southern Region
Reynolds, Marvin4015Southern Region
Shaffer, Sherie4015Southern Region
Taylor, Lacey4015Southern Region
Weber, Abby4015Southern Region
Calhoun, Grant2002Sponsored Programs
Douras, Catherine2002Sponsored Programs
Egolf, Ben2002Sponsored Programs
Harding, Jenny2002Sponsored Programs
Irey, Shannon2002Sponsored Programs
Jorge, Chelo2002Sponsored Programs
Lang, Michael2002Sponsored Programs
Libera, Becky2002Sponsored Programs
McGirr, Kathryn2002Sponsored Programs
Melville-Smith, Kimberly2002Sponsored Programs
Miller, Kristine2002Sponsored Programs
Moseley, Bill2002Sponsored Programs
O'Hayre, Kathryn2002Sponsored Programs
Pfister, Brigette2002Sponsored Programs
Reifstenzel, Kellie2002Sponsored Programs
Southergill, Trisha2002Sponsored Programs
Stahle, Ashley2002Sponsored Programs
Watson, Dwayne2002Sponsored Programs
Breidt, F. Jay1877Statistics
Brockwell, Peter1877Statistics
Chapman, Phillip1877Statistics
Cooley, Dan1877Statistics
Estep, Donald1877Statistics
Hess, Ann1877Statistics
Hoeting, Jennifer1877Statistics
Kaplan, Andee1877Statistics
Keller, Joshua1877Statistics
Kokoszka, Piotr1877Statistics
Meyer, Mary1877Statistics
Shaby, Ben1877Statistics
Sharp, Julia1877Statistics
Wang, Haonan1877Statistics
Wilson, Ander1877Statistics
Everett, Ashley6025Strategic Communications
Hooker, Mike6025Strategic Communications
Jeracki, Kate6025Strategic Communications
Olsen, Nik6025Strategic Communications
Folmar, Megan1015Strategy and Planning
Hoffman, Dave1018Strategy and Planning
McCue, Jamie1018Strategy and Planning
Baran, Jennie8051Student Case Management and Referral Coordination
Portillos, Shirley8051Student Case Management and Referral Coordination
Sarma, Sagarika8051Student Case Management and Referral Coordination
Van Norman, Jennifer8051Student Case Management and Referral Coordination
Kreston, Rose137Student Disability Center
Pollack, Elizabeth137Student Disability Center
Tiner, Joe137Student Disability Center
Zmuda, Alisha137Student Disability Center
Buttram, Michael8040Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement
Dyrdahl, Jessica8040Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement
Johnson, Jennifer8040Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement
Moreira, Stephanie8040Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement
Raza, Ali8040Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement
Ambrose, Emily8040Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement
Baum, Allison8040Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement
Escobedo, Jamey Garmon8003Student Legal Services
Gonzales-Soto, Penny8003Student Legal Services
Wheeler, Katie8003Student Legal Services
Cliver, Luiza8015Student Resolution Center
Katz, Mike8015Student Resolution Center
Melendez, Kailee8015Student Resolution Center
Weed, Aileen8015Student Resolution Center
Woldeyesus, Rahwa8015Student Resolution Center
Barone, Ryan1032Student Success
Cardona, Aliyah1032Student Success
Klingsmith, Jessica1032Student Success
Lester, Natalie1075Student Success
McCarthy, Miel1032Student Success
Nosaka, Tae1075Student Success
Silvey, Michael1032Student Success
Ziegler, Coronda1032Student Success
Amstutz, Justin1058Student-Athlete Support Services
Orr, Rebecca8105Student-Athlete Support Services
Dungan, Michelle8052Support & Safety Assessment
Pierce, Jan8052Support & Safety Assessment
Burke, Dwight8052Support and Safety Assessment
Bradley, Thomas1377Systems Engineering
Bridge, Ingrid1377Systems Engineering
Cale, Jim1377Systems Engineering
Conrad, Steve1377Systems Engineering
Gomez, Mary1377Systems Engineering
Herber, Daniel1377Systems Engineering
Miller, Erika1377Systems Engineering
Simske, Steven1377Systems Engineering
Vans, Marie1377Systems Engineering
Benedetti, Marsha6006Talent Development
Banuelos, Dan1061The Access Center
Barela-Smith, Jan1061The Access Center
Jaime-Lujan, Connie1061The Access Center
Jaster, Sean1061The Access Center
Ruiz, Angel1061The Access Center
Vigil, Patricia1061The Access Center
Zavala, Maria1061The Access Center
Franklin, Nicole1701The Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRISS)
Muniz, Araina161Title IX Programs and Gender Equity
Swenson, Audrey161Title IX Programs and Gender Equity
Abbud, Ihsan8049University Housing
Balam, Genesis8049University Housing
Ben Musa, Zobaida8049University Housing
Graglia, Pamela8049University Housing
Guardado, George8049University Housing
Kaletsky, Torin8049University Housing
Moffitt, Brian J.8049University Housing
Reese, Ashley8049University Housing
Rosty, Claudia8049University Housing
Schreiner, Jennifer8049University Housing
Shafer, Brent8049University Housing
Summers, Jacque8049University Housing
Malsam, John8049University Housing
Mertens, Alan8049University Housing
Deller, Nancy150University Marketing and Communications
Dodge, Jeff150University Marketing and Communications
Hamrick, Laura150University Marketing and Communications
Luft, Greg150University Marketing and Communications
Schimmels, Connie150University Marketing and Communications
Todd, Theresa150University Marketing and Communications
Emerson, Melissa6006University Ombuds
Bersagel, Cheryl1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Brand, Jessica1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Bruns, Sarah1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Clark, Patricia1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Clark, Patti1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Colleary, William1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Denard, Nikki1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Ducharme, Alysha1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Gore, Maria1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Hutson, Linda1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Konig, Ashley1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Mactavish, Britt1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Marmulak, Tara1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Martinez, Caroline1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Mercado, AnnaLee1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
M'Gonigle, Sharon1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Moffett, Paula1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Ochs, Karissa1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Riesel, Michelle1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Stinebaugh, Senesa1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Tetrault, Nikki1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Thompson, Shawn1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
White, Kelly1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Zielke, Diane1620Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Matthews, Sophie7117Vice Pres for University Advancement
Hanlon, Brendan6001Vice Pres for University Operations
James, Susan1049Vice President Faculty Affairs
Garber, Jill1050Vice President for Engagement
Griffith, Megan1050Vice President for Engagement
Leary, Holly1083Vice President for Engagement
Hadley, Paula1060Vice President for Enrollment and Access
Seng, Christopher1060Vice President for Enrollment and Access
Taylor, Leslie1060Vice President for Enrollment and Access
Biedscheid, Tom1060Vice President for Enrollment and Access
Archibeque-Engle, Shannon135Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
Cipriani, Kauline135Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
Ellis, Mike135Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
Johnson, Bridgette135Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
McClintock, Adriana135Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
Ontiveros, Mary135Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
Swanson, Stephanie135Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
Thrasher, Monica135Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
Vigil, Ria135Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
Appleton, Anthony2001Vice President for Research
Brandhagen, BreeAnn2001Vice President for Research
Chance, Claire2011Vice President for Research
Cox-York, Kimberly2001Vice President for Research
Egan, Dinaida2001Vice President for Research
Frye, Joe2001Vice President for Research
Halabi, Sam2001Vice President for Research
Harrington, Pam2001Vice President for Research
Hudson, Cory2010Vice President for Research
Johnson, Christa2001Vice President for Research
Kioussopoulos, Kathy2001Vice President for Research
Leavell, Doug2001Vice President for Research
Loose, Shamera2001Vice President for Research
Magruder, Stacie2001Vice President for Research
Maka, Janee2001Vice President for Research
Mellon, April2001Vice President for Research
Morello, Andrea2001Vice President for Research
Moritz, Rebecca2001Vice President for Research
Nash, Patti2001Vice President for Research
Paterson, David2001Vice President for Research
Pidcoke, Heather2001Vice President for Research
Rome, Alyson2001Vice President for Research
Rudolph, Alan2001Vice President for Research
Sutcliffe, Andrew2001Vice President for Research
Suter,Meghan2001Vice President for Research
Chesson, Craig8004Vice President for Student Affairs
Clark, Kelli8004Vice President for Student Affairs
Donovan, Jody8004Vice President for Student Affairs
Garten, Steve8004Vice President for Student Affairs
Geisert, Shaun8004Vice President for Student Affairs
Henderson, John8004Vice President for Student Affairs
Hughes, Blanche8004Vice President for Student Affairs
Miyamoto, Tonie8004Vice President for Student Affairs
Nosaka, Asuka8004Vice President for Student Affairs
Miranda-Birt, Maggie8004Vice President for Student Affairs
Rivera, Carmen8004Vice President for Student Affairs
Archuleta, Jacquelyn7117Vice President for University Advancement
Bogner, Dakota7117Vice President for University Advancement
Bohlender, Kristi7117Vice President for University Advancement
Bokovitz, Melissa7117Vice President for University Advancement
Brayden, Katie7117Vice President for University Advancement
Burket, Kelsey7117Vice President for University Advancement
Buss, Brian7117Vice President for University Advancement
Butcher, Marilyn7117Vice President for University Advancement
Carlson, Caitlin7117Vice President for University Advancement
Clasen, Simone7117Vice President for University Advancement
Clifton, Jonathan7117Vice President for University Advancement
Diel, Audrie7117Vice President for University Advancement
Dienstag, Marissa7117Vice President for University Advancement
Dixon, Angie7117Vice President for University Advancement
Doctson, Layne7117Vice President for University Advancement
Dunbar, Karen7117Vice President for University Advancement
Dunbar, Kyle7117Vice President for University Advancement
Dwyer, Whitney7117Vice President for University Advancement
Eccleston, Ali7117Vice President for University Advancement
Eppler, Pamela7117Vice President for University Advancement
Ernst, Samuel7117Vice President for University Advancement
Evett, Amanda7117Vice President for University Advancement
Fahrlander, Ella7117Vice President for University Advancement
Fanning, Virginia7117Vice President for University Advancement
Feger, Laura7117Vice President for University Advancement
Festervand, John7117Vice President for University Advancement
Fitzpatrick, Claudia7117Vice President for University Advancement
Flick, Matt7117Vice President for University Advancement
Flores, Jerick7117Vice President for University Advancement
Fogelberg, Ben7117Vice President for University Advancement
Forte, Kaitlin7117Vice President for University Advancement
Garcia, Rudy7117Vice President for University Advancement
Gent, Noah7117Vice President for University Advancement
Habben, Brittany7117Vice President for University Advancement
Hackett, Andrew7117Vice President for University Advancement
Hallmark, Beth7117Vice President for University Advancement
Hallmark, Bruce7117Vice President for University Advancement
Hartman, Peter7117Vice President for University Advancement
Healy, Jennifer7117Vice President for University Advancement
Howell, Kaitlyn7117Vice President for University Advancement
Katz, Haley7117Vice President for University Advancement
Koopman, Donna7117Vice President for University Advancement
Lenthe, Sue7117Vice President for University Advancement
Lewis, Greg7117Vice President for University Advancement
Liggett, Kelly7117Vice President for University Advancement
Lobejko, Nick7117Vice President for University Advancement
Malik-Carson, Tonya7117Vice President for University Advancement
Marsh, Kylan7117Vice President for University Advancement
Martey, Nii7117Vice President for University Advancement
McCracken, Lauren7117Vice President for University Advancement
McGinnis, Kristie7117Vice President for University Advancement
McKay, Kris7117Vice President for University Advancement
Meine, Janet7117Vice President for University Advancement
Mickey, Betty7117Vice President for University Advancement
Miller, Amy Jo7117Vice President for University Advancement
Morehouse, Ginger7117Vice President for University Advancement
Morgan, Cheyne7117Vice President for University Advancement
Nair, Sharmini7117Vice President for University Advancement
Paben, Laurie7117Vice President for University Advancement
Patmore, Doug7117Vice President for University Advancement
Patterson, Eric7117Vice President for University Advancement
Paule, Linda7117Vice President for University Advancement
Phaneuf, Aaron7117Vice President for University Advancement
Phillips, Brooks7117Vice President for University Advancement
Price, Megan7117Vice President for University Advancement
Reginaldo, Marisa7117Vice President for University Advancement
Reiser, Donna7117Vice President for University Advancement
Rounsaville, Thea7117Vice President for University Advancement
Schmidt, Sarah7117Vice President for University Advancement
Schuster, Christy7117Vice President for University Advancement
Sheets, Bill7117Vice President for University Advancement
Sheldon, Riley7117Vice President for University Advancement
Short, Heather7117Vice President for University Advancement
Stout, Keith7117Vice President for University Advancement
Thomas, Casey7117Vice President for University Advancement
Thornes, Laura7117Vice President for University Advancement
Todd, Polly7117Vice President for University Advancement
Townsend, Gillian7117Vice President for University Advancement
Walter, Jon7117Vice President for University Advancement
Weaver, Kevin7117Vice President for University Advancement
Westermann, Dan7117Vice President for University Advancement
Williams, Nate7117Vice President for University Advancement
Winger, Kim7117Vice President for University Advancement
Wixson, Kevin7117Vice President for University Advancement
Young, Danielle7117Vice President for University Advancement
Tand, Rachel6001Vice President for University Operations
Wang, Vivian6001Vice President for University Operations
Bernier, Brandon1059Vice President Information Technology
Seidel, Kris1059Vice President Information Technology
Wright, Robin1059Vice President Information Technology
Long, Kelly1022Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Van Arsdall, Anne1022Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Vogl, Mary1774Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Parvez, Rezwanul1040VP Engagement CSU Online
Alford, Wes1083VP Engagement Op Services
Balfour, Brian1083VP Engagement Op Services
Bates, Lori1083VP Engagement Op Services
Bergstrom, Julie1083VP Engagement Op Services
Bridgeman, Yvonne1083VP Engagement Op Services
Brubaker, Dezarai Nicole1083VP Engagement Op Services
Falconer, Lucy1083VP Engagement op services
Goguen, Beren1083VP Engagement Op Services
Goodman, Darrin1083VP Engagement Op Services
Julian, Bridget1083VP Engagement Op Services
Ombogo, Maurice1084VP Engagement Op Services
Ponce-Pore, Geniphyr1083VP Engagement Op Services
Schroeder, Jordan1083VP Engagement Op Services
Spering, Gen1083VP Engagement Op Services
Stephenson, Julee1083VP Engagement Op Services
Swanson, Kory1083VP Engagement Op Services
Thomas, Martha1083VP Engagement Op Services
Wills, Matthew1083VP Engagement Op Services
Wurdack, Katie1083VP Engagement Op Services
Bauer, Aaron1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Bright, Karin1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Fitzsimmons, Andrea1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Hizer, Helga1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Johnson, Nancy1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Lichtenstein, Drew1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Pierz, Melanie1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Quinn-Sparks, Amy1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Russell, Jason1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Tarantino, Alysha1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Taylor, Morgan1084VP Engagement Prog Services
VanBuskirk, Briana1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Wells, Gregory1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Woods, Scott1084VP Engagement Prog Services
Betts, Madelyn1085VP Engagement Scholarship
Lynch, Donna6004VP Human Resources
Martinez, Eva6004VP Human Resources
McKenna, Kaly6004VP Human Resources
Powell, Dani6004VP Human Resources
Swaro, Jackie6004VP Human Resources
Burke, Becky1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Chadock, Sarah1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Donahue, Laurel1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Fattor, Joe1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Hall, Heather1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Hinson, Mandi1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Hirschenhofer, Renee1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Hunn, Liza1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Jensen, James1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
LeFebre, Valorie1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Leonard, Rebecca1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Marker, Laura1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
McLean, David1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Metz, Lisa1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Peerman, Nicolette1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Pulido, Bella1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Ritschard, Mark1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Savig, Kristi1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Smith, Cathy1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Stratton, Nick1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Wahl Wells, Anja1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Wilmsen, Emily1301Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Broderick, Sabrina1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Brouwer, Roberta1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Coppello, Alexis1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Culbreth, Vicki1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Dolce, Mary1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Frierson, Rickey1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Hayes, John1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Horvath, Jessica1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Ihde, Heather1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Lindsey, Cynthia1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Novak, Robert1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Orwick, Julie1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Romero, Valerie1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Samsel, Kim1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Sanderson, John1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Senseman, Gary1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Thompson, Angela1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Yakubesan, Sierra1401Warner College of Natural Resources
Simonson, Sara1401Warner College of Natural Resources - Geosciences
Dudek, Brian1401Warner College of Natural Resources (Dean's Office)
McQuade, Amanda3046Western Colorado Research Center
Tonnessen, Brad3046Western Colorado Research Center
Alexander, Katie4030Western Region
Dean, Douglas4030Western Region
Farrand, Carla4030Western Region
Felsen, Gregory4030Western Region
Hagenbuch, Todd4030Western Region
Masters, Linda4030Western Region
McPhail, Eric4030Western Region
Parmenter, Darrin4030Western Region
Young, Robin4030Western Region
Auerbach, Rachel8110Women & Gender Advocacy Center
Benjamin, Victoria8110Women & Gender Advocacy Center
Malsam, Casey8110Women & Gender Advocacy Center