The University has established a process that permits units to develop pools of applicants that may be used to fill the following types of positions:

  • Research Associates – Temporary or Special
  • Postdoctoral Fellows – Temporary
  • Instructors – Temporary or Special
  • Research Scientists – Temporary or Special

A unit must establish a pool for each type of position they wish to hire. The following procedures are to be used in developing the pool.

Recruitment – A position description/announcement will be developed that broadly defines the nature of the position consistent with the guidelines for Temporary and Special positions and submitted through the unit EO coordinator for approval by the Office of Equal Opportunity. The announcement must indicate a date, up to one year from the initial date, after which individuals will need to reapply.

Applicants to Pool Positions – A request for demographic data must be sent to all individuals applying to the pool utilizing the online Applicant Self Identification tool.

Applicant Pool Spreadsheet All applicants to the pool must appear on the Applicant Pool Spreadsheet and should be listed in chronological order by date of the application. The appointing authority requesting the pool list must complete the minimum qualification and rationale columns with information specific to the current position to be filled. The list of applicants is cumulative until the pool expires. Once a person is hired, they remain on the Applicant Pool Spreadsheet with the rationale indicating ‘hired,’ the date of hire, and for instructors, what courses they were hired to teach so that they may potentially be considered for the next semester.

OEO Pool Compliance Form – An OEO Pool Compliance Form must be completed for appointments from the pool. If multiple hires are made concurrently, one form may be used for all.

Recruitment Plan – The position announcement must be posted on the department’s website as well as It is also recommended that the position announcement be placed on the college or unit’s website. It is not required to be printed in any media forms (newspaper, journals, etc.).