The Office of Equal Opportunity and CSU Human Resources are excited to announce that we have been working with Human Resources partners to develop a fast, agile, compliant, and streamlined search process pilot program to attract and hire the best candidates and promote a diverse and inclusive workforce at Colorado State University. 

The pilot program will be ongoing throughout the remainder of 2022 as we collect data and feedback to identify successes, gaps, and any needed changes. We anticipate assessing the pilot program and strategizing a rollout to additional campus partners in 2023. For more information regarding the pilot program, please review the information and resources below.  

The search process pilot program will: 

  • Be an option for all Administrative Professional positions. With guidance from their HR Professionals and college/division leadership, hiring authorities will have the flexibility to determine the appropriate search process. For some positions (e.g., leadership roles), it may make sense to follow the standard search process that includes a more robust search committee and timeline. For others, this pilot process may be more appropriate. 
  • Provides equal opportunity and equal access for job seekers
  • Streamline steps to reduce the time to hire new talent. 
  • Allow interviewers to participate in the process as needed to reduce the amount of resources required for searches. 
  • Utilize talent acquisition strategies to keep candidates engaged and ensure successful hires. 
  • Ensure HR professionals have completed all OEO search process trainings, including EO Coordinator training and How to Consider Diversity in the Search Process training. 
  • Ensure hiring authorities and interviewers have reviewed all resources on the Inclusive  Interviewing webpage on OEO’s website. 
  • Office of Equal Opportunity
  • Human Resources
  • Office of Engagement and Extension
  • University Advancement
  • College of Business
  • Division of Information Technology
  • Analysis & planning: August 2022
  • Design & implementation: September 2022 
  • Pilot: First Phase: October 2022 – January 2023 
  • Pilot: Second Phase: February 2023 – April 2023
  • Data collection & reporting: April 2023 – May 2023 
  • Time to fill- from draft of position description to hire’s start date 
    • Current posting metrics ~3 months from date posting is created to when posting is filled  
      • **Does not include time on orange side 
      • Average days between date posting created and posted: 13 
      • Average days between date posting posted and filled: 83 
  • Number of steps and functions in the process 
  • Quality of pools and hires 
    • Demographic data in aggregate of pools 
    • Selection rations 
    • External hires 
    • Candidates that withdraw 

HR Professional: HR Admin/Recruiter individual identified by the college, division, or unit with centralized recruiting and talent acquisition functions. Trained in search process guidelines, including EO Coordinator responsibilities. TMS user roles: HR Professional, HR liaison, initiator, applicant manager, hiring authority, signature authority and EOC. 

HR Manager: HR leader in the college, division, or unit directing talent acquisition functions and pilot processes. 

Hiring authority/supervisor: Individual seeking to fill the position and working with HR Professional in the selection process. Trained in search process guidelines. TMS user role: search committee member. 

Interviewers: Colleagues and community members identified by the hiring authority that help conduct the interviews. TMS user role: search committee member.  

OEO Coordinator: Individual(s) in OEO who review actions, requests, and searches in TMS. TMS user role: OEO. 

Step 1: Meet required training/competencies for HR Professional user group 

  1. Complete OEO search process trainings: 
  2. Review HR Classification and Compensation matrix 
    • Err on side of substantive change, reaching out when there are questions
  3. Review steps in the pilot process and HR Professional user group
    • Utilize HR Professional TMS guide to understand position modification, posting, and applicant workflow processes 
    • Utilize pilot outline and resources column 

Step 2: Request HR Professional user group access of OEO via email for HR team members that have met the training/competency requirements and will be participating in the pilot. 

Step 3: Share communication from HR/OEO with leadership regarding pilot 

Step 4: Start piloting! 

  • Implement Division/College pilot workflow 
  • Identify searches/hiring authorities to partner on first searches 
  • Indicate searches involved in pilot via field on posting 

Step 5: Assess and Evaluate 

  • Survey hiring authorities
  • OEO/HR to track 
    • Time to fill 
    • Strength of pools 
      • Diversity of finalist pools in aggregate 
      • Number of withdrawn semi-finalists/finalists 
    • Recruitment resources 
    • Postings extended by a week 
    • ROI: Time and money saved 
  • Bi-weekly check-in meetings for pilot group to discuss trends, resources and make adjustments 
  • Use Teams channel to share resources and questions 

Step 6: Audit for compliance 

  • OEO to review search files and provide feedback 
    • Review disposition codes and rationales 
  • Ensuring DEI throughout the process 
  • Cascading communication 
  • Training/Support/Resources for Hiring Authorities and Interviewers 
    • Inclusive Interviewing/Best Practices 
    • Recordkeeping 
  • Communication 
    • Cascading communication with units participating in the search =
    • Communication with units not participating in the pilot and not set up for this structure  
  • Partners and system for collecting data 
    • Emily & TMS 
    • Matt & HRIS 
    • HR Professionals 
    • Hiring authorities and leadership  
  • Next steps for implementation 
    • Partnership with other units to broaden the scope of the pilot  
      • Opportunity to partner with current HR leaders? 
    • Next steps to communicate how units are able to participate 
  • Background check/hiring proposal process