As of January 1st, per the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, all AARs must be posted on the internal job board for one day (24 hours) before a hiring decision is made. And any applications meeting the minimum qualifications must be reviewed and considered.

Alternative Appointment Requests (AARs) are significant deviations from what Colorado State University has identified as the most appropriate mechanism, a full search, to hire faculty and administrative professional employees and will be approved only under extraordinary circumstances. Examples of possible AARs include direct hires, reappointments, or title, duties, or status changes significant enough to result in a ‘new’ position for a current employee.  Requests for AARs must be approved by the Provost or appropriate Vice President and the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). OEO is available as a resource to units should they have any questions or wish for a review of positions that the unit believes may not require a full search.

The table below indicates when an AAR must be submitted through the Talent Management System (TMS).

Factors to consider when submitting an AAR:

  1. Minimum Qualifications: Does the individual meet the minimum qualifications of the position?
  2. Programmatic Congruence: Does the academic or professional background of the individual support the unit’s strategic plan and programmatic priorities?
  3. Potential Available Applicants: Are there potential applicants who would support the probability of achieving our goals through the search process?
  4. Nature of the position: Is the individual named on contract or grant funds or a member of a research group of newly hired faculty?
  5. Unit Search History: What has been the outcome of past searches in the unit relevant to the achievement of programmatic and diversity goals?
  6. Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion: Does the individual proposed for the position contribute to increasing the diversity and/or the ability to advance diversity and inclusion goals of the unit? Contribution to diversity and inclusion may not be the only reason for an AAR. It can be considered as a plus factor, but not the only factor.

AAR Guides and Resources