The following items are needed for the packet required to close a search

OEO Compliance Form

  • Type of Appointment must be indicated (Academic Faculty, Administrative Professional or Postdoctoral Fellow) and (Regular, Special or Temporary)
  • Race/Ethnicity of the individual hired must be indicated
  • Signature of the EO Coordinator is required
  • Link to the OEO Compliance Form (also found under Search Forms)

EO Coordinator's Checklist

  • Dates each of these actions, including the approvals granted by OEO must be filled in
  • Name of the individual hired and the date the signed offer letter was received must be filled in
  • If an individual was offered a position but did not accept, list the individual, the date the offer was declined and the reason they declined
  • Link to the EO Coordinator's Checklist (also found under Search Forms)

Demographic Data Summary

  • Demographic Data Summary is available on the OEO website in the Applicant Self Identification tool as follows:
    • Click on ‘Applicant Self Identification’ link under ‘Employment Search Information’
    • Log in using your eID and password
    • Under the appropriate search, click on ‘View Summary Demographics’ and print or save as a PDF
    • Here is an example of a Demographic Data Summary

Applicant Spreadsheet

  • Each field on the spreadsheet must be filled in
  • Screening mechanisms can be
    • Yes, No, Maybe
    • Rating sheet
    • Telephone interview
    • Reference checks
    • Campus interview
  • Rationale for hire or non-hire must be measurable and based on the qualifications outlined in the job description
  • Link to the Applicant Spreadsheet (also found under Search Forms)

Email approvals

  • Each email from OEO that approves a step in the process (as outlined by the EO Coordinator’s Checklist) must be included

Submit complete closeout packet in a hard copy or electronically as one PDF